Your Patron Saints

It's so hard to be an adult in the world today. Again and again you really need somebody to mind your business.

To tell you right from wrong, to ease the pain caused by your mindless delving into dangerous adventure of thinking for yourself.  To warn you of all the risks and remove all periculous content from your sight, so you can keep using your head for what it was intended in the first place: rocking that damn good hairstyle and these sexy piercings and tatoos. 

I'd provide a link, but it's http. So, it'n not safe. It's dangerous:)

And after so precious and protected you somehow paired yourself with another similar individual and produced the progeny, it's also such relief to have someone ready to take that daunting child rearing work from you.

Who needs you to do it, anyway.

Thanks for procreating.

Books of concern and dangerous books

Oh, do I have a story to tell here! And it's one hell of a true story, so it will be documented with many pictures. To make the dangerous reading easier and to cut it down to a necessary minimum!

Although growing up in a country where  many books were deemed "dangerous" by one and only Communist Party,  I can tell you that I'd been surrounded by dangerous books all my young life. I don't really know how I survived without someone like to take me into its warm embrace and coddle, warn, shield and save from peril!

Anyway, here we go.

My hapless parents, God forgive them cause they never really knew what they were doing, had been buying those damn things, I mean dangerous books, during all my young and unprotected years! 

I was totally surrounded by them, with no knowledgable person or lavishly funded organization anywhere near to protect an innocent child. Somehow I kept surviving for quite a while and everything was more-less normal until my ambition to learn English grew. And my clueless set of parents, God forgive them again, bought me my own first dangerous book - a dictionary. Now, look at it, but not before you read this warning of graphic content first. 

dictrionarywarning - graphic content - dic pic

Somewhere around that time, my baby brother grew big enough to do this. Now, don't look anywhere, before you see the warning. This is the pic of the same dic, above the doorway with the door ajar. Fine, you can look now.

Have you ever had six pound dictionary hit your head? Incidentally, that might explain some things, like me getting hooked on foreign languages but, that's none of your business, so let's move on.

book of concern about to become a dangerous book

Anyway, since this was my baby brother, he couldn't be left unpunished.  After each and every one of the damn books hit my head, I threw them back at him, every single one. Which explains why today he's surrounded by thousands upon thousands of books, many of them very dangerous, and he occasionally sells some. Just spreading the threat around.

Now, I have to warn you that what you'll see next is a pic of several dics crammed together. 

More dics in a pic. In expert circles, known as a circlejerk.

We are damaged goods, dear HopeNotHate. But not nearly as damaged as one of my best friends. Let me tell you about her criminally neglectful parents - they weren't just buying dictionaries. She and her brother got hooked on Kant and Hegel while teenagers.

As you probably know, Kant and Hegel have been among the most dangerous bastards out there for centuries now, because they often don't come in a single volume. So this friend of mine and her family ended up with "works of" longer than the name of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, occupying half of the shelf above her bed, with the other half occupied by Kant or some similar atrocity.  

So, there she was, my friend, sleeping peacefully like an angel. Until one night the damn shelf with all the bloody works-of collapsed on her.  

This is how she looked when she knocked on my door the next day.  Today she and her brother have letters scattered all around their names indicating successful careers in US. Get hit by Kant and Hegel in your young years, and you may end up unable to get rid of those freaking letters for the rest of your damn life.    

Who was there to protect us? Who? No one.

What dangerous books can do to you

Amidst all that gore, he's doing... WHAT? 

That's why it's so refreshing to hear there's a plethora of state and otherwise funded organizations in smarter countries watching over their young.

Supervising  everybody's reading and viewing habits. Practising mindful vigilance, categorizing, lobbying, pleading, so that the children can grow up blissfully unaware of anything bad. 

Blissfully grown up

They are going to be spared from so many unpleasant, heart breaking and harm inducing truths. 

Like the one that Sir Winston Churchill actually smoked. He also really used to drink.

Other presidents did it, too. Some used to smoke those big cigars.

Others even kept those cigars in… nevermind.

His cigar will be replaced by celery stick. Think of the children!

Also the police detectives smoke like chimneys. While solving the cases of serial killers butchering their victims, as shown in excruciating and disemboweling detail in any of 30,000 episodes of popular detective-forensic-psychopath-vampire shows.

We don't want to take it anymore. We are in the 21st century now!

There is an absolute need to protect the children from ever looking at these horryfying scenes. Of him smoking.

How can you even look at him?

This is just too much to take.

We need Can'tHandleTheTruth Initiative to jump in and make the children grow up in the world without smoking on screen.

So when they do, and when they stumble upon some real life, I mean when they meet a person with a cigarette, their reaction will be appropriate.     

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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