WizMix E-liquids

Three bottles from WizMix e-liquid series were sent to us by EcigaretteDirect last week, and they arrived here at what seems a light speed, considering the distance from UK to Croatia. I'm always impressed by Ecigarettedirect treatment of us, whether as reviewers or as customers which we've also been for more than five years now.

Wiz Mix E-liquid Review

WizMix is one of more than a dozen series of liquids carried by this company. So far we've tried quite a few, the last being our favourite UK Made e-liquid to which we return as customers over the years. Back to WizMix, on the page you'll find thirty e-liquids in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths of 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. 

The e liquids reviewed here are 1.2% (12mg/ml) and we have three of them Life's A Peach, Brain Freeze and Caramel Kiss.

Brain Freeze

WizMix-e-liquid-Brain Freeze

Over the years we've tasted a variety of menthol flavours in all kinds of vaping setups – be it cigalikes or e-liquids. The one we're dealing with here is not the strongest we've tried  but certainly holds its ground in terms of quality.

The  menthol flavour is accompanied by a slightly sweet component more pronounced than in the one we had  in our last review. So, this tastes like just a bit milder and sweeter version of Ecigarettedirect's Menthol Blast, which is our favourite.

Having said that, BrainFreeze is also an excellent  e-liquid that we in the house have already vaped and now I'm on my few last drops while writing this. The vapour amount is very satisfactory. It has very nice smell too - others in the room can perceive it. 

However, if you don't want sweetness in your menthol to weaken the sharp sensation of it, you may prefer MentholBlast.

Caramel Kiss

WizMix e-liquids - Caramel Kiss

We don't really know anybody who doesn't like the caramel smell – it's here when you open the bottle and sniff the liquid before filling your tank. Nothing too intense though, it's somehow softened. This e-liquid is lightly warm at inhale with inevitable but not overly dominating caramel note and creamy aftertaste. Also you can feel a hint of sharpness that's left in your mouth upon the exhale.  Caramel Kiss provides a rich vapour and a mild throat hit, as expected from any e-liquid on a sweet side

This is  ideal when you want to make your transition from tobacco flavours to the ever wider variety of thousands of flavours awaiting your palate. It's mild and unobtrusive, nothing overwhelmingly different. In this sense its name is well chosen – kiss. Associated with pleasant rather than beliwldering surprise. 

Life's A Peach

Wiz Mix e-liquids - Life's A Peach

Here we are again, saving  the best for last. The other two flavours, although clearly distinguishable are still somewhat mild compared to our  favourite  from this group – Life's A Peach.

There's a clear and sharp, sweet smell of a ripe peach when you open the bottle.

Inhale gives you a throat hit that, although not too strong, is the most pronounced of the three. The sweetness announced by the smell is diminished though still clearly perceptible. The taste upon exhale has the same hint of sharpness as Caramel Kiss.

If you want to keep stronger throat hit while enjoying sweet and fruity flavour (and you like the ones like peach or apricot and such) this one is definitely for you.

WizMix E-liquids

Suffice to say I don't have them any more, so the photos you saw are actually empty bottles. Which is to say that we loved them, especially Life's A Peach, but that's just a matter of personal preference. All liquids from this review can be graded either very good or excellent which of course depends both on your taste and the strictness of your criteria. Point is Ecigarettedirect didn't disappoint with this selection either, although the bar they had already set is pretty high. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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