We Used to Be Smokers

While the vaping industry moves forward with growing sophistication both in design and performance, let's try not to forget one thing: we used to be smokers.

The first thing I encountered when I started this site in 2012 were e-cig vendors afraid of bringing up anything (anything!) that would even resemble a health claim. Vape anywhere! No more odour! –the most some of them dare to utter even today. Not that I blame them. And not that it's the worst thing out there.

At least we can buy our stuff offline and online, unlike Australians. It's 2018 and vaping is still banned in Australia. Their anti-smoking activists like that Chapman are parading around Internet with claims anybody who vapes can dispute. He himself is banning vapers from his twit account (no pun intended here, hehe), so that no one can disturb him while he's comfortably selling complete bullshit that he can sell only to people who happen not to know what vaping is about.

It's often the same people who might actually need some sane info on vaping if they are still smokers. Talk about damage. Of course he banned us. We don't need to be scientists to successfully dispute his crap.

Do I hear someone say we would expect higher standards from a University Professor, both in science and in communication? Of course we would, but when it comes to anti-vaping cohort, do we really? 

Back to the rest of us: our, obviously less successful chapmans first pushed the whole vaping away from tobacco replacement field, denying e-cigarettes their clearly beneficial health effects. Now vaping's gone recreational and, consequently, is drawing attention of younger users, our chapmans are back in full force, this time ranting and raving with their old fake concern mantra. Our children! Our youth! - you guessed it easily, their scope is very limited and highly predictable.

Still, for the vaping community, especially its business part, this is like being trapped in a lousy marriage with someone who you're desperately trying to appease while knowing all too well you can't succeed.

We used to be smokers

Let me be open here: nobody would be happier than this vaper if vaping was recognized for what it really is and where it succeeds with flying colors  – as a way for smokers who couldn't quit to actually replace their tobacco addiction with another one that is way, way less harmful.

This is what vaping was and still is for me. I have no use of "vaping tricks". Not that I'd ban anything, I just do not promote it bcs I see no point. That's all.

With that said, I absolutely understand vaping vendors, small and big. They need to survive. Squeezed between a rock and a hard place, between public health crusaders on one and overall cost of having vape biz on the other side, they need to go where both legal limitations and customer requirements lead them to. So they went recreational.

Whenever I want to recommend something simple, something you you just open and can vape instantly or after a minute, I find less and less of it. Instead more and more of vaping realm is full with Chuck Norris approved gizmos made for turning you into the human fog machine. Not for me, thank you, and not for the people I want to reach.   

So, let me just stop here with a simple plea to vaping vendors. Don't forget that smoker who yet needs to switch. If you listen, the results will be rewarding, not only in financial but also in the sense that made most of you open your shops, lounges and websites in the first place. We all know that vaping biz is full of enthusiasts who, after seeing for themselves the power of e-cigs,  wanted to spread the word and help other smokers save their health or what's left of it.  

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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