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Word of net mouth made me curious about Virgin Vapor e-juice, so I placed an order with them.

The bottles arrived pretty quickly once they were shipped.  However, truth is there was a week's time from my order placement to their shipping it.  I don't really hold it against them - they are trying hard to meet growing demand after five of their juices got awarded by the jury of Spinfuel, US vaping magazine. So, you better have something else in stock while waiting for your Vigin Vapor e-liquid. Just in case. But let me tell you this - they are well worth waiting.

Virgin Vapor Luxe Gift Box

2018 Update

The review you can see below is at least 4 years old, hence this update. A lot has changed in the meantime.

Virgin Vapor not only has a new site, but also a new line of eliquids for Europe and a new luxury gift box that you can access if you click the picture. There are some old and some new organic flavors they are famous and many times awarded for.  

The bottle design that I loved so much also changed, which makes me a bit sorry, but important things stayed the same:

  •  you can order your e-liquids from Virgin Vapor in nicotine strenth range 0 to 18mg. The samples that you can access by clicking the picture on the right are only zero nicotine in little 5ml bottles.
  • The size of the other bottles varies 15-120ml. As for the hardware, their choice is limited to sub-ohm vaping so if you are into it, I advise finding more info with other reviewers. 
  • You are most welcome to read the old review that follows - the flavors I tried then are still carried by them.
Virgin Vapor Samples

What's in It

Virgin Vapor bottles

Glass Bottles

At Virgin Vapor, they have gone to great lengths to assure everything in their products and about them is top-notch. They even package their e-liquid in glass bottles out of concern that BPA from plastic might seep into e-juice.

More about BPA here

When I opened my package, the sight was cute - six little glass bottles with a beautiful little logo each.  All plastic haters (myself included) will surely  keep them for long after the juice was gone. Just rinse them in ethanol and they are ready for reuse.

Three of my e-juices were VG/PG 50-50 and three all 100% VG in little 4.5 sample bottles.

Virgin Vapor E-juices

In a nutshell, they were delicious! I vaped them all and still find myself opening their empty bottles to take a sniff. This beautiful scent is the first thing that makes a world of difference between these and non-organic e-juices. VV also carries floral flavors and they are next on my shopping list. 

Now, this organic stuff may need a little baby sitting here and there. This was the first time I was vaping organic-made e-liquids, so I had some issues. Best Damn Tobacco didn't really smell best to me when I opened it. It was more like "damn". Can't say they didn't include that information, right? (lol). Besides, it looked muddy and had some dark spots concentrated towards the bottleneck.

My inquiry to VV was promptly answered - it was a normal look of their tobacco liquid. And you should also shake the bottle well and leave it uncapped for 24 hours for ethyl alcohol to evaporate.

I did it for more than a day and results were good. Yet, it's still my least favorite but I grew to like it and vaped the whole ½ oz bottle.

It's pretty useless to talk about favorites here – everyone will find his or her own among the huge number of flavors. Ok, if you don't know where to start – I recommend Creme Caramel, Caramel Cona Milkshake and Banana Coconut Colada. 

Therefore I strongly advise buying samples.  Beside enjoying variety of delicious and first rate e-juice, you'll get them all in cute little glass bottles with dripper. See the pic. 

Still, my clearomizers don't handle 100%VG juice well and there's no negotiation. So, even at the risk of all e-liquid purists out there fainting on me now,   I must confess to committing the crime of blasphemy -  I mixed some  100% VG juices with Dekang's coffee. And it was great. 

All in all, Virgin Vapor has got a new customer here. The price of their e-liquid isn't high for the value we enjoyed. 

Virgin Vapor bottle with its dripper

What Else Is There

While on their site, make sure you look around – there's other stuff you might be interested in, like Kanger Protank - standard and mini -   and a large selection of eGo batteries. That Mini Protank will go well with eGo batteries and just in case you don't know, it has a glass tank. You may also want to take a look at some great tutorials on how to use it all.

Update: Second Order

Creme Caramel reordered

This time I made sure all juices were 50-50 PG/VG. There were also Hazelnut, Blueberry Bliss and Double Espresso. I skipped floral flavors (Rose and Violet) for now, since they cost twice as much. That will have to wait for a discount. 

About other three e-liquids: all have this beautiful smell and full, rounded taste. Husband was particularly happy with blueberry.

I was happy with everything except Double Espresso. (Anyway, I noticed that almost everything coffee related from US ends up on my no-way-it's-coffee list. I'll really have to check well what kind of coffee you folks drink. In my book, GreenSmoke and Dekang got it right - the former with their pre-filled mocha mist cartomizers, the latter with their coffee e-liquid. This Virgin Vapor Double Espresso tastes good like everything they have, but Espresso - well, we have different definitions of it, obviously). 

Despite our coffee differences, I'm still a customer. 

Kai's Virgin Vapor Premium Organic E-Liquid

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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