VaporFi Express Kit Review 

Now it's been a while since I've done any cigalike review. It's not because I don't like them. No prejudice towards them whatsoever here. On the contrary, if only these were on the market, I'd also be able to switch successfully. Not everyone else would but that's another story.

However, if a cigalike is of good quality - not that shoddy stuff sold at gas station or elsewhere - it can give you a decent vaping experience. Sometimes even surprisingly good, its size being so small that you don't really expect any respectable throat hit and vapor, having been used to the gear twice or three times that size. And when you still get it, you are impressed.

That said, here is the VaporFI Express Starter Kit I purchased from VaporFi from Florida, US. It took ages for this shipment to arrive, some of which is due to the stupid Customs regulation in my country, so it's basically not on VaporFi. But the fact it took them five days to dispatch it - is. I get stuff from UK in this time frame. So, let's hope VaporFi customer service is much faster for the people in US.  

VaporFi Express Starter Kit Unboxed

VaporFi Express Starter Kit

Anyway, what you can see here, are two batteries of different sizes,  five disposable pre-filled tobacco flavor cartridges, micro usb charger and wall adapter. Lithium-ion unregulated 4.2 V battery, (3.3-4-2V depending on the remaining charge).

The first thing I noticed is an obvious resemblance to the South Beach Express Kit, reviewed here some four or five years ago. Batteries have the same strength and visually the difference is only in the color of cartridges – the new ones are all white which is an upgrade in looks, but that's just a matter of taste you may say. Both kits have this crystal LED tip at the end that imitates cigarette light when you draw. It also stays lit up when charged.

Perfromance of VaporFi Express Starter Kit 

It's logical to suppose we are talking about basically the same product but rebranded which, in this case, is a good thing. The old batteries remained in my husband's stash and they still work! Of course we haven't been using them all these years they've been with us, but this is definitely a plus.

Batteries are responsive, enabling good vapes for a cig-alike. When the crystal tip starts blinking, battery is out and needs recharging. Micro usb indicator will change its color from red to green when it's over.

Predictably enough, the charging takes the same amount of time as in case of old kit batteries, 3 hours for the long one and two for standard. If you are a heavy ex-smoker , you may go through the first in 4-5 hours and 2-3 through the second. and for others one battery could probably last a day – it really depends on you.

As for the pre-filled cartridges that came with this kit, the same thing applies, depending on your ex smoking and now vaping habits, they would last anywhere from 3 hours to a whole day, maybe more. The vendor says it is equivalent to roughly 20 tobacco cigarettes but we already covered it here and explained why it is really difficult to gauge the duration. I used to go through cartridges like these in 3 hours and we have a friend who vaped the very same one for a couple of days. The blessings of light smoking! Now, I'm into fitness and vape less, the 3 hours have turned into 5, so I hope you get the picture here. It's difficult to estimate even for the same person as time and habits change.


This kit comes with tobacco flavor and I'm not really in favor of this one – a bit too bitter for my taste and a little artificial, although less so than the old SBS Express Kit. So, there seems to be a slight improvement. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely vapeable but not among my favorite tobacco flavors.

VaporFi Express Starter Kit - Pros & Cons


A very good looking kit, elegant packaging

Relatively strong batteries for their size


Tobacco flavor a bit improved compared to old SBS kits, however there's still room for improvement

Other Options

This kit comes also with menthol variant, as well as with other variations in use. This may be interesting for people who don't want to spend too much money on disposable cartridges. In the video below, you'll see this kit can be upgraded with either reusable cartridges or clearomizers. Perhaps the best pro is the availability of exactly this option:   refillable cartridges and little clearomizers give users a more versatile and affordable solution

Reusable cartridges may be interesting for those who want to keep the cigarette look of their device, but still try out a variety of e-liquids both from VaporFi and numerous other vendors.

Small clearomizer, like the one we covered here, is actually a very good and durable clearo with surprisingly great performance for its miniature size. We still have one of these around.  Now I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who doesn't really mind 5ml clearomizers (though now forbidden in EU), I don't really mind the smaller devices, as stated in the beginning of this review. 

Check out VaporFi Express Starter Kit

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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