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Vapor4life Dual-mode Battery Kit

Vapor Zeus Dual-mode Kit

Vapor4life sent me their Zeus Dual-mode battery kit for review plus three 30ml e-juices. Before you read anything further, let's make clear who this stuff is for:

  • heavy smokers who plan to switch 
  • heavy smokers who have tried more e-cigs but couldn't find the one -  all were just too weak. If Vapor Zeus doesn't help here, then I don't know what will.
  • vapers who absolutely want to reduce nicotine level of their juice. 18mg here feels like 24mg on standard batteries and clearomizers. Perhaps even stronger.

If you are a light smoker reading this, after only a few drags you'll feel as if you smoked (yes, smoked!) too much. So you don't need to read any further. Unless you have a heavy smoker around  and no gift idea for upcoming holidays. This is clearly an electronic cigar for them. It's that size and has that look, especially the brown version.

UPDATE: 2018 Vapor4life updated the levels of nicotine, so you can order the accompanying e-liquid in the range of 0-36mg. Also kit costs much less than it used to. Make sure to apply the code for 25% less (see the bottom of this page) 

What's In It?

Actually, better question would be what's in what (?). V4l certainly didn't try to impress anyone here with packaging. Vapor Zeus dual-mode kit arrived in an envelope, no box, nothing. Another reviewer said it came to him in a plain box. This absence of not just fancy but any (consistent?) brand packaging got me thinking: careless or refreshing? Not that any glossy box is really needed, but still...

The shipment arrived on time - now that's what matters more. Only a week from IL, US to Croatia, which is impressive, since no special postal service was paid. I'd certainly recommend international buyers to purchase from V4l 

Now, about what's in it (it here being whatever no-packaging V4l comes up with in your case)

  • battery 650mAh, 5V regulated, threading 808
  • 3 cartomizers 3.5ml, 2.5 ohm
  • USB charging cable
  • wall charger
  • 30ml e-liquid
  • UPDATE 2: Beside Dual Mode Kit reviewed here and Auto Kit, now Vapor4life also carries Variable Voltage Kit.

Battery - 5V, 650mAh, dual-mode (manual-automatic) 

There are two variants of Vapor Zeus Kit, one with automatic and one with dual-mode battery (which seems to be the first one of its kind on e-cig market). It comes in 3 sizes with 2 sizes of cartomizers. Beside this 650mAh, V4l carries one longer 900mAh and one 1300mAh with larger diameter that normally requires its own set of Zeus cartomizers.  

Vapor Zeus isn't a variable voltage device, but has mighty 5V. It also works as a  USB passthrough. This smallest size is as big as Apollo eGo VV and here in the picture you can see a lineup of several batteries for you to compare. 

Vapor Zeus battery with other batteries

We tested Vapor Zeus battery for two weeks and it worked just fine. Manual-automatic switch did its job well - no issues whatsoever.

It's not really a silent companion - you can hear yourself vape, you can hear the click of a conveniently placed black rectangular button when you press it. You can switch from manual to automatic mode and back by clicking the button five times. And its logo will glow green while you vape, whichever mode you set your battery on.

Everything written on V4l site is correct - if anything, they seem to be too anxious not to overhype things -  2 hours time was enough to charge the battery, unlike their 2-6 hrs claim. It gave hours of vaping - now this really depends on who's using it. For light vapers it is probably much longer - they don't need to take deep drags (they'd better not, to prevent themselves from fainting:) 

Vapor Zeus cartomizer (3.5ml, 2.5ohm)

The name is smileomizer. (Somebody's been trying to develop a lingo here, which is generally good for business, so here's an alternative suggestion - heromizers

This is a double analogy. First, from the Greek mythology - Zeus' partner is Hera. Then the noun hero fits in here, since this thing gives a heck of a contribution to Vapor Zeus'  performance. I haven't tried a cartomizer that works better. To prove this, I also tested it briefly on a little 320 mAh battery and it works just fine! 

It has a nice 3.5ml capacity, gets filled easily. Only the folks used to clearomizers might have a problem when trying to guesstimate how much juice they've poured into it. Wait for a couple of minutes for polyfill to get saturated with juice. 

With all that said, don't expect smileomizer to work much longer than 12 times, as stated on the site. It just dies when the time comes. I failed to count and can't be scientifically accurate here, sorry. I kind of expected its performance to fade away slowly. Instead, it just stopped as if trying to send a message - now that's enough, buy some more of me.

Looks and Experience

Vapor Zeus has an air of masculine elegance, despite its rubber coated mouthpiece. The rubber can be removed with some effort, but what you get then is a metal piece unsuitable for vaping. Contrary to all expectations, the rubber doesn't seem to be irritating. It fits in here, both visually and functionally.

Writing these lines, wrapped in a thick cloud of smokelike fog, never seen in my entire vaping life, even feeling a bit dizzy, I'm having such a mighty throat hit on my standard 18mg juice level that it's almost unbearable.  

Anyway, after some time, Vapor Zeus Dual Mode has the effect of an excellent device – it simply grows on you. Especially if you fill its cartomizer with Highbrow Vapor e-juice.  The fact that I'm happily vaping Cigar flavor (never smoked a single cigar in my entire life) on this powerful e-cig  (never vaped anything on 5V) tells that good product is a good product, no matter what.

The only thing to top that - two good products combined, like here.

V4l e-juice

Now this refers to three among more than 100 e-juices in V4l's collection  - Coffee, Peach, and ... wait a minute... WOW Wowboy Nobaccojuice (I swear this was printed on the bottle label. That bottle in the first pic.)

In a few words - juices are basically ok, but not the best ones out there. After trying them on different e-cigs, I don't think they were specially crafted for this or any other specific device.

Good news is  V4l coffee experience wasn't disappointing, unlike some other US coffee flavours. It has a nice authentic smell and taste.

Peach – we vaped better, but also grew to like it. 

About that VG tobacco juice - well, let's just say that it tastes like its name. There's a smell and aftertaste that feels somewhat artificial and no one here wants to vape it.  

Still there are two other solid juices, although we mostly vaped Highbrow Vapor on Zeus. Now, that's the combo!

In a Nutshell

Someone would probably be moaning about the price. I won't. Although Vapor Zeus dual-mode kit costs nearly 85$ (with automatic version a couple of $$ less expensive), it's only normal to assume that good stuff comes with a price tag. So, no problem with that.

However, this kit as intended for heavy smokers should definitely have two batteries.So, let it cost even more - people searching for that one e-cig they've finally found wouldn't mind. (And those all too price-conscious wouldn't even consider buying this kit anyway.)


  • huge amount of vapor
  • powerful throat hit
  • gets charged quickly
  • looks really good despite the rubber mouth-piece wrap


  • this kit should have two batteries even if it makes the whole thing more expensive

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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