Vaping vs Whining

Never in the history of the written word have there  been so many people ready to arogantly tell you that your work, your hobby or even your life is nothing but a pile of utter rubbish, and probably dangerous. That's why others need to be protected from you which is, of course, one task they are only happy to take. Together with funding for their white kinghtery, usually forked over by governments or some rich guys who don't really care.

However, when you offer an adequate reply to their accusations, you can bet there's a passive aggressive shitstorm coming your way.

Welcome to The Age of Whining 

history in four pics

 Someone said beneath this tweet –  this just shows how far we've come. Yes, it does. Too far. Everybody in that last one is offended. Are they ready to take on whatever enemies they may come across? Sure, they are. They'd probably cry them out of the place. 

Here's a problem - since enemies are in high demand in the West -- we beat plague, and almost did the same with child exploitation and nazis -- now the terminally offended need to imagine them. And then start their courageous fight. The sissies in the first three photos have nothing on them!

Some people have an imaginary friend or two. 

 But the typical whine agers – well, they have imaginary enemies! 

Actually, it's more real people but with the imagined characteristics our belowed particles of snow have somehow attributed to them.  

Pesky Vapers And Their Own Devices

Now, there are some folks who actually dared to stop smoking using a device not found in pharmacies or in the offices of stop-smoking counselors. The horror!

Sidenote: honestly, who goes to stop-smoking counseling? Born and raised in the Balkans, I may be missing something here. But how many peple actually go to strangers on government or some other tit when they need help to quit smoking? I would really like to know. Perhaps I'm mistaken to think that all those quitters, if they ever seeked any support, found it with family or friends.

Anyway, such behaviour – not consulting the appointed consultants but daring to do what you choose to help yourself - needs to be (what's the word?) eradicated. It's obviously not good for the global anti-tobacco consultancy and its worldwide branches, fraternities and sisterhoods.

Of course they are not in agreement with it, how could they possibly be? Getting paid for accomplishing next to nothing has been a lucrative biz for decades! (excellent article about Quit smoking biz on VapingLinks).

 And now the whole scheme (let's be nice and use that word) is threatened. 

Twitter Abused, Poor, Poor Things

woe is me!

Their obvious reaction to such a serous threat  is trying to disuade smokers from taking up vaping, and they do it using arguments my cat can dispute. To disprove the studies they are admiring, you don't need to be a scientist. Says a lot about scientific acumen of the creators, doesn't it?

Anti-smoking busybodies are all over the internet spreading their nonsense and lauding their anti-vaping research du jour.

When someone calls them on their bs, though, they start crying. Waah, waah, twitter abused, poor, poor things. 

Your struggle on social networks is monumental. Like I said, those who beat plague, exploitation and nazis – they have nothing on you.

On a more serious note, if their scientific, intellectual and communication standards are so low, what can we really expect from ordinary people? This is what the public in US thinks about how much vaping is harmful in relation to smoking. 

US National Cancer Institute Data for 2017

Also, a part of the population just loves organizing themselves in order to remain stupid. One of such groups recently emerged and set out to eradicate all forms of tobacco, and alternative tobacco products, on college campuses across Texas. Did Simon Chapman become airborne, somehow multiplied and now is living in other people's basements? I'm not even going to dignify them with a link, but they hold views typical of what a sizable part of public thinks about vaping.

However, since the very thinking part of such views is highly questionable, let's say "what public feels about vaping".

It's nothing but a cacophony of nebulosity. From their if it’s only flavoring no nicotine, is it safe? ...Safe for a child to jump from a 3 story building or 8?  to that one, convinced that what you vape contains harmful levels of radiation. 

These people seem to be young, so I'll cut them some slack which I generally do when someone is less than 25 and dead wrong. However, the youngsters are learning fast from the old established guard – anyone who tweets anything they don't like to hear gets a prompt ban from their account. 

While it is true that vapers on forums and social networks leave no anti-vaping stone unturned, it's also true that you darlings founded an association in order to spread your word. If you think that in the world as it is today  spreading the word  means only you do the talking and opponents just do the shutting up part, you may be better off back in Mum's basement playing wow or whatever the game of the moment is. Twitter is a too tough place for you, obviously.

twitter is dangerous

Now, I don't want to buy a photo from shutterstock, so please, picture a five year old child blocking his or her ears and screaming.

Thanks to  @jkelovuori @stuart180 and  @Mkr1988  for inspiring tweets.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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