Ultra Tank Kit

Smoker's Halo Ultra Tank Kit was discontinued a while ago. Ecigarettedirect from UK, formerly known as Smoker's Angel doesn't sell any similar kit. 

If you want to buy eGo kit in US, look at CentralVapors. This is a simple low cost kit. I can't guarantee its quality since I haven't tested it. But I also started with a kit like that, back in 2012. 

In UK find a  kit similar to Evod (which is even better than eGo) with ePuffer under the name of Phantom kit.

Smoker's Halo Ultra Tank Kit Review (UK)

Last year we had our share of Smoker's Halo Tanks. In the meantime their Super Tank was discontinued and they also made an important improvement to this already very good kit.

It has been sold by Smoker's Angel (Ecigarettedirect) for more than a year and it contains

  • 2 batteries (650mAh and 1100mAh)
  • 3 CE4 clearomisers   
  • 2  e-liquid bottles (18mg and 12mg nicotine, 15ml bottles)
  • a USB charger
  • a manual


Batteries – pretty powerful, we've been testing both for a while. They get charged in less than an hour and a half (we timed the bigger one and it was a surprising 79 minutes on kit's charger plugged into our old Multi port USB charger we also got from Smoker's Angel last year.)

You can really vape them all day long. Depends, of course, on what kind of vaper you are or what kind of smoker you used to be. But, let me tell you, I vape a lot and do not need to recharge this bigger one more than once a day. For my daughter, these eGo batteries last for several days.  

Smoker's Angel carry good quality batteries so they can normally provide a three month warranty. Plus a yearly warranty on USB charger that's also a part of this kit.

Halo Ultra Tank Kit batteries and CE4 clearomizer

CE4 Clearomizers with Ultra Tank Kit

Now here's the improvement mentioned above – wickless CE4 clearomizers. Last year they had those with short wicks and there was a problem whenever your e-liquid reached the point of 0.8 mg. You had to tilt the whole thing aside for e-liquid to come into contact with CE4's short wicks.

New CE4s certainly look better than any old version. They also have transparent mouthpieces making them look sleeker than black. But that's not all there's to it.

We observed more power here using the same Smoker's Angel e-liquid in the same nicotine strength (18 mg and 12 mg which are equivalent to full and light flavour cigarettes). Mighty throat hit and quite satisfactory vapor.  

Plus a one-month warranty, which is the longest one I hear anyone provides for this price category of clearomiser. This alone speaks volumes – at Smoker's Angel they obviously have a good reason to believe in the quality of their goods.


For some time I thought that CE4s would be over with in a couple of months. Myriads of new clearomisers have been popping up left and right practically weekly, especially the ones having replacable coil heads sold in five packs and all other clearo stuff you can take apart, wash thoroughly and buy parts for.  This industry is booming so it's hard for anything to stay out of clearance section for long. However, I believe this variant of CE4 will contribute to the lasting popularity of CE4. It's simple, good enough, hassle free and inexpensive. Great for beginners but we don't mind it either.

Smoker's Halo E-liquid

Being pretty conservative this time, we decided to order our favorite tobacco flavour – American Red.  Apart from these, you can also choose between Menthol, Virginia, Virgina (VG), Desert and Popular Blend. Some of them are reviewed here.

For a moment I wondered why they didn't include more e-liquid into their offer for Halo Ultra Tank but then again – it's a starter kit, so what people need to switch are mostly tobacco flavours and menthol. More exotic variants come later. Taking that into account, their choice is pretty good, but it would be even better to include the recently introduced UK-made tobacco and menthol flavors with Ultra Tank Kit.

In A Nutshell

They at Smoker's Angel may not be the kings of design -  everything looks alright, both goods and packaging, but nothing is fancy. On the other hand, they are in line with their customers' priorities - solid quality, usability, durability, affordability and good customer service. That's where they totally deliver.


  • Long warranties (for batteries, usb and clearomisers)
  • Durable and long lasting batteries
  • New CE4, improved
  • Favorable price
  • Three clearomizers included 


No cons really, just a suggestion for Smoker's Angel to include UK made e-juice tobacco and menthol selection with Ultra Tank kit.  

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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