UK Black Friday Vape Deals 

With holiday season already here, you may want to check the offer prepared by ECigaretteDirect. Whether you're buying presents for the vapers you know or perhaps for a new one,  shortfills, e-liquids, new kits or accessories, there's plenty to choose from. 

While we are trying to spread some joy and hapiness around, why not buying some vape gear for a new vaper or an existing and smoker? I have switched some people to vaping this way. There's nothing to lose really, and plenty of thanks and nice thoughts to gain. Not to mention knowing that you helped someone you love to become healthier. Which only goes well with approaching Thanksgiving.

Check some of the reviews Switchtoecig has done on their shortfills and vapegear by clicking on the pictures to your right - Gloop and Halo Shortfills, Squid Inc ShortFills, Wiz Mix E-liquid, JacVapour s22 Kit . IF you want to know more, go to  ECigarettedirect Black Friday Vape Deals

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