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It's about time this text from 2014 gets some additional information. January 2018 and things have changed, of course. Out of all these cigarettes I recommended, Vapor4life's Zeus Dual Mode kit still stands as one of the best vaping devices we've ever tested. Everything else is either changed and I can't tell how or discontinued.

If you want to read about Vapor Zeus from me, here's the review link. If you want to go to their site directly, click on the banner.

August 2012 - that's when it all started for us. It's been 15 months and a bunch of electronic cigarette products reviewed - about time we sum it all up to help you navigate through the e-cig world towards your own device. 

Of course, we are going to try more new ones as the time goes by. The industry is soaring with new products and newer versions mashrooming left and right. So,  this list is probably going to get updated. Probably.  

Another thing: it's our top 3 e-cigs, so it doesn't necessarily have to be yours or anybody else's. But whichever from the list you choose, we are sure you won't be disappointed. We are customers of all the companies whose products are listed here - we use this stuff on a daily basis and can confirm - it's high quality that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

We are going to briefly cover two categories.

- best cigalikes

- best eGo e-cigs 

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Top 3 ecigs - Best cigalikes

Green Smoke
(US, UK)

GreenSmoke the best

So far the best flavor cartomizers we have tried. Husband is waiting for his new GS supply, because nothing really tops Mocha Mist, Tobacco Absolute and Tobacco Gold. With that said, all other flavors are great too, and you can try five of them when you buy GreenSmoke Variety Pack. Click to read our reveiw of GreenSmoke Pro Kit. We've also reviewed their batteries and flavors separately

South Beach Smoke

This one has probably one of the best price-value ratio out there. Plus it looks just great with its crystal battery tip. What I find best about South Beach Smoke are the batteries, especially manual. You can charge it in less than an hour. Another great thing is a number of accessories - their cigalike offer is complete. Click the picture to read our review of their De-Luxe Kit.

Smokers Halo Kit (UK)

Panda Evolve Kit

Best value for money. Two kits with 3 batteries, 2 USB chargers, carrying case and 12 clearomizers in 2 sizes and two nic strengths. So far the only company I've seen offering two nicotine levels, 18 and 12mg in a starter kit. Tobacco flavor is very decent, batteries durable. We've ordered this one three or four times. Click to read review.

Top 3 e-cigs - Best Mid size e-cigs

Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Kit

This is actually an e-cigar, click to see our review. If you are a heavier smoker, you'll enjoy it like my folks at home. Compared to other e-cigs (most of them), the vapor is huge, the throat hit is tremendous (it operates on 5V and has specially made cartomizers). Everything about this one is unique. It is definitely not the same old generic Chinese stuff. 

Smoker's Angel Halo Ultra Tank - UK

Being faithful to their superb kit content variety, this kit features 2 batteries (1000 and 650mAh), 3 popular CE4 clearomisers and 2 bottles of e-liquid in 18 and 12 mg levels. Flavor of your choice - American Red is my recommendation.  Their menthol is excellent, too. Great value for money, again. They really nailed what  a starter kit  should be about: two batteries, 3 high quality wickless ce4 clearomizers (with a month warranty!) and two nic strengths to choose from.

Apollo eGo Superior Kit

Apollo Superior Ego Kit Review

One of our readers' favorites. Although I moved on to pyrex glass clearomizers, it's understendable why many new vapers prefer eGo CE4 kits - good, standard, easy to use and you can buy accessories anywhere. This kit features 2 batteries 2 clearomizers, 10 ml e-liquid in flavor and nic level of your choice and everything else needed. Bad news is they are discountinuing this one, but (good news!) perhaps you can still find it at clearnace price - $29.95. Just to add - I was using this battery here for 8 months! Average life of this type of battery is around 3-5 months. This kit features two of them, so do your math.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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