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UK vape retailer Tablites* asked me to do a review of Sugar Pie Vapes e-liquid range.  What you'll read here is about only a small part of this e-juice series, one of many e-liquid brands in their store.

Mixologists who created Sugar Pie Vapes drew their inspiration from sweet New York bakery flavours.  Out of 26 items in the range carried by Tablites,  most are 70% VG shorftills for you to combine with nicotine as you like, but for old fashioned vapers like myself there's also this 50/50 range in 10ml bottles. 

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Being too much of a tobacco girl, it’s no wonder that when it comes to  sweet flavours I tend to harbour a certain amount of skepticism.  There are some fruity flavours that I just avoid not only buying but also reviewing;  I reckon there’s no sense in imposing my own taste to the readers who may have completely different preferences.  

That said, I still agreed to do this review, so here goes.

I received four e-liquids from Tablites - Hazelnut Cookie, Strawberry Donut, Lemon Glazed Donut and Sweet Apple Pie. All are 50/50 PG/VG in 10 ml bottles, 12 mg nicotine strength and  also available in 6mg strength as well as in their shortfill variant. 

Vapegear used for this review: JacVapour s22 Kit reviewed here.


Hazelnut Cookie

Pleasantly warm and nutty are the first impressions I’ve got from this experience, both in taste and smell which is natural.

Not unlike all other flavours reviewed her, this one has also got its decent share of sweetness, but it doesn’t get in the way of the strong throat hit which is much appreciated here in the house.

Vapour is rich and you normally don't  find that amount in 50-50 PG VG liquid. For me it's just a bonus, you may find it more important.  

All in all, this one is my favourite and it's only partially a matter of taste related personal preference. Sugar Pie Vapes really created a great e-liuqid. 

Sweet Apple Pie

Of all the flavours Tablites sent me, this is where my expectation were at their lowest. When I hear apple flavour, I actually think of somewhat crisp and acidic taste and this is what I don’t like in e-liquids, since it actually drowns the  feeling of warmth I want from an e-liuqid. How else could it emulate  smoke in any meaningful way?

However, here I cheerfully admit to having been mistaken. Perhaps because I completely disregarded a “pie” element in it which becomes clear as soon as you sniff the bottle.

There’s a distinct note of cinnamon that makes the vape warmer. Other ingredients, tart and raisins. contributed to the overall pleasent taste, but the thing that really wins here is the smell. 


Strawberry Donut

At Tablites they describe it as „Rich, warm and fluffy donut stuffed…with sweet, sticky strawberry jam“. It passed the sniffing test with flying colours for authenticity. Vaping it was a pleasant experience -  a light jam note with a bit of donut warmth. Totally diffferent from most strawberry liquids are usually much stronger in their fruity taste and sweetness and that's exactly what many don't like in e-liquids because they also don't deliver the expected warmth.  

Lemon Glazed Donut 

Unlike the donut flavour before, this one was my least favourite of the group – it is definitely vapeable, however, it left me with a surplus of sugar on my taste buds at inhale. It also has this kind of syrupy feel to it and makes me feel I just had a glass of too sweet drink. If you like sweet e-liquids this may well be your thing, though.

All in All

That said, I truly enjoyed Sugar Pie Vapes.

All e-liuqids are clearly sweet -  you can’t call that subdued. Still the sweetness doesn’t prevent even tobacco flavour lovers from enjoying the flavours, except maybe the last one. This vapeability accross the wide spectrum of vapers is, in my opinion,  the main advantage of the series  Throat hit is more than enough, I’d say that 12 mg kind of feels like 18 here. Vapour is great for this PG VG ratio. 

Check out Sugar Pie Vapes at Tablites. 

*non-affiliated link

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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