Squid Inc. Short Fills

Ecigarettedirect kindly sent me three 50ml bottles of another shor tfill series, Squid Inc., together with three 10ml bottles of PlusNic which is a nicotine liquid in 18mg strength. The combination of 50ml shortfill and 10 ml Plusnic is sufficient for 60ml  of 3mg strong e-liquid. It's usually enjoyed by direct lung vapers.

Now, if you aren't among them, youe e-liquid needs to be stronger, just like mine. Squid Inc. can be vaped with higher nicotine content and it won't lose its flavour. I first had some fun vaping with no nicotine at all, only to end with my usual 6 and 9 mg concentrations. It all worked.

Only a few weeks ago, I reviewed short fills from two other series, also carried by Ecigarettedirect – Gloop and Halo. So, I was waiting for the new vapemail from UK in anticipation – how different will this one be. 

Squid Inc. is a series of four short fills - Barb&Cuss which is mostly rhubarb and custard, Caribbean Crush made of tropical fruit and menthol, then there's The Pearl Ruby - raspberry plus and caramelised almonds.

Let's start with similarities with Gloop and Halo short fills – all are 50ml bottles with 70/30 VG/PG ratio.  Still, I can say that, although Gloop and Halo are two distinct brands, they do have some similarities, whereas Squid.Inc is – something else.   

To be more specific about that“something else“, let me first compare the two custard liquids from this and previous line – Halo Cream Custard and Barb&Cuss.  Perhaps it's unusual to use adjectives  warm and cold for anything eliquid, exactly these words were the first on my mind when I took a sniff at the bottles. Cream Custard is warm, like home made cakes, whereas there's a certain touch of light sharpness to  Barb&Cuss. 


Squid Inc. short-fills review

I was at a loss for a moment – I've never tasted rhubarb in my life and neither did anyone in the house and around, except the husband who claims to have a vague memory of it, which is so weak no one except him calls it a memory. Anyway, having no offline source to turn to, I called the almighty internets for help and it delivered some feedback "Rhubarb does have a sharp, sour taste to it and some people prefer a sharper flavour!" or "add some sugar to rhubarb custard pie if you'd like it sweeter".

Squid.inc definitely has some added sweetness, although the light acid note remains to distinguish it clearly from more mellow flavours I prefer.  Being still unable to find rhubarb around here for tasting and comparison, I don't really feel ready to give any definite judgement of this flavour.

The Pearl Ruby

Its description says The Pearl Ruby contains "milk and raspberry with a subtle hint of caramelised almonds". The smell is sweet and fruity, a little bit sharp as well. I'm trying to find caramelised almonds but the hint seems too vague to discern. At inhale you can feel a taste of raspberry. The Pearl Ruby gives a copious amount of vapour, as much as other two short fills in the series. 

Caribbean Crush

A "lively mix of sun soaked tropical fruit with a generous dash of menthol" says the description. Aromas of pineapple and mango are the first to detect when sniffing the bottle. It smells  exactly like all those tropical fruit juices you've ever tried, with a similar taste.  You'll certainly recognize the freshness of menthol at the inhale, but this menthol version is more on the mellow side as if not wanting to disturb the natural warm feeling of tropical fruit in the mix.

All in All

Very vapeable short fills with plenty of vapour, which is to be expected from 70/30 VG/PG mix. 

Caribbean Crush is my favourite here - it has the clearest and most discernible tastes and aromas of all three and menthol fits in quite well. I honestly didn't expect it to work for me, so this came as a pleasant surprise.  For the other two flavours, although they are a good vape, I can't say the same. 

Of course, I can be the judge of anything rhubarb only when I get to try it, so the review of the first short fill here you can take with a grain of salt instead of sugar, lol. With Pearl Ruby, however, I couldn't find "caramelised almonds" although I was trying to. However, it didn't prevent me from enjoying it. 

Anyway, here are some non-affiliate links to Ecigarettedirect's short fills and to Squid Inc. series. You can also find PlusNic nicotine liquid and I hope you'll too enjoy the experience.  

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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