South Beach Smoke Review

De Luxe Starter Kit Review

South Beach Smoke De Luxe Kit

South Beach Smoke kindly sent me De Luxe Kit to write this review and I spent 10 days trying it out.

This kit features

  • 2 litium-ion batteries (4.2V) in two sizes, standard and high-capacity
  • USB charger and Wall charger
  • membership card and manual
  • 5 cartomizers – you choose nicotine strength and one of ten available flavors

In SBS offer, there are two larger kits and one smaller – Express Kit.

Starter Kit

At South Beach Smoke they've made changes in their starter kits. You could read some criticism directed towards their old wall charger and the absence of USB charger in old kits. So, apart from new and improved batteries, there's a new wall charger.  USB charger is also added.

It seems SBS really listened well to what reviewers and customers were saying and made significant improvements.

New batteries still come with a crystal tip looking elegant in an appealing packaging, black glossy box with magnetic flap and a tasteful color scheme. Overall kit design looks great.

South Beach Smoke batteries from their De Luxe Kit
South Beach Smoke new chargers

click to enlarge


There are two in this kit – standard with over 300 puff capacity and long with over 500 puff capacity, according to South Beach Smoke. Now, number of puffs, vaping time and intensity really depends on you. 

What matters here is this – charging time is considerably lower than battery life. It's 2 hrs for the standard and 3 for high-capacity battery.  These batteries endured rather intensive vaping of 3.5 and 5.5 hours. To some of you this may stretch to a whole day.  

Batteries are highly responsive, enabling great vapes for a cig-alike all the way until the crystal tip starts blinking. It's an indication that battery is out and needs recharging. You can hear a tiny sound while vaping but it didn't really disturb me.

Read more about South Beach Smoke batteries

Flavor Cartomizers

South Beach Smoke ten flavors

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With this kit you'll get one 5pack in flavor and strength of your choice among ten flavors and five strentghs: 0-6-12-16-24 mg nicotine. That's why all ten are featured in this review.

They provided 4 - 5 hours of intensive vaping. This really varies depending on your vaping habits.  (My article Cartomizer Capacity explains it in more detail)  

Now, although experience with various e-cig brands enables  me to make comparisons,  flavor choice is always subject to your own taste.  You can take what follows just as a general recommendation.

Here the SBS flavor cartomizers are lined up according to my own preference - Peach, Vanilla, Tobacco Gold, Peppermint, Menthol, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Classic, Pina Colada, Chocolate and Cherry.

First three are great, next four were alright. I admit to be somewhat clueless about Pina Colada (never tasted that cocktail in my life, so let's leave it out from this review).

Vanilla is fantastic if you like the milky-creamy taste which I do. SBS Peach is something that  I believe everybody would love. I liked Tobacco Gold very much -  nice and mild flavor.

Their Menthol, Peppermint and Tobaccos are also mild. Not too pronounced, I find them quite alright. 

It seems to me they need some more work on Chocolate and Cherry to make them more recognizable.  Cherry is too bland. Chocolate would be quite fine if only there was  honey  instead of  chocolate  written on the cartomizer. I mean - it's pleasant enough, but chocolate it is not.

One more thing: although Tobacco Classic 16mg was ok, there was a certain slightly chemical  aftertaste in 24mg strength. I kind of got used to it and vaped it all, but still think this needs some more work.   

News: this kit traveled to me for a long time, mostly due to its sitting in the Customs of my country. In the meantime, SBS introduced USA-made e-liquid for their cartomizers. So  let's hope the minor issues I had with some flavors have been resolved.

When you buy South Beach Smoke cartomizers separately, variety pack contains 10, whereas single flavor cartos are sold in 15 packs.

Discounts and Offer

They offer significant 20% discount if you subscribe to their Home delivery program. In that case they also provide free product replacement (batteries or chargers). 

South Beach Smoke offer is pretty much complete. Apart from new, improved automatic batteries, they also feature a manual battery (which is excellent!),  USB battery and Portable Charging Case I haven't tried out yet.


  • Very good throat hit
  • Respectable vapor
  • Very good battery performance
  • Excellent design
  • Competitive price
  • Significant discount for regular customers
  • Replacement warranty for regular customers


  • Some flavors need more work  (I hope it has been done in the meantime).
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking ChoiceSouth Beach Smoke Review

Compatibility Info  

South Beach Smoke compatibility with other two kr808d-2 batteries - Green Smoke and Eversmoke

SBS, Eversmoke and Green Smoke batteries with cartomizers all jumbled up

South Beach Smoke is fully compatible with Eversmoke.

It is partly compatible with GreenSmoke - you can use SBS cartomizers with GreenSmoke battery (the same thread kr808d-2). You can use it other way around but have to make sure you don't screw it on all the way. Experiment a little. 

In a nutshell:
- great batteries
- great three flavors - vanilla, peach and tobacco gold 
- most other cartos ok 
- very reasonable price of cartridges and hardware
- excellent design

South Beach Smoke

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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