Smoozie E-liquids

Apolloecigs kindly sent me four Smoozie e-liquids for review. You can choose from this series of e-juices a number of flavours, some of which appear in two variants - original and ice version.  General difference in taste is easy to notice, the original version has a rather pronounced sweetness, while the ice e-liquids can be easily recognized by a tiny menthol note.

As a mouth to lung vaper, I'm using my new little Eleaf tank, which I find surprisingly well performing for its tiny size, with coils 0.7 and 1.5 Ohm. The e-liquids I use are all 6mg nic and the flavors are as follow:

  • Smoozie MauiWaui
  • Smoozie Ice MauiWaui
  • Smoozie Strawberries Gone Wild
  • Smoozie Ice Strawberries Gone Wild

Smoozie MauiWaui

A pineapple and mango medley blended with sweet strawberries in a smoothie is what you can read on the site. My tastebuds saydefinitely exotic notes and sweetness is the most present. You can feel  mango and pineapple most, but not much of a strawberry there. It has a very decent solid throat hit for a 100% VG liquid and 6mg-ml mix and vapor production is large as expected. I would say if  you prefer your ejuices sweet, this is definitely your thing, if not – buy something else, because the sugar is intensive at inhale and it lingers for quite a while upon the exhale. 

Smoozie Ice MauiWaui

On the site, it says - blend of pineapple, mango and a gentle touch of apples is now available freezing cold!  Here is a Maui Waui variant that differentiates itself from the original right from the beginning when you smell it - not nearly as sweet smell which is then confirmed at the inhale. So if you like exotic fruit but on a less sugary site with and just a little menthol taste, you may opt for this one. Touch of apples brings to this combination a bit of an acidic note. Mango and pineapple still rule here. 

Smoozie Strawberry Gone Wild

It's strawberries mashed with raspberries and tart green apples with a fresh kick you won't be able to resist, according to Apolloecigs. Well, according to me, it is quite a decent e-juice with not so pronounced sweet note, but still enough sugar for your tastebuds. The pervasive note is warmth, probably tart green apples which gives it a cakelike taste, with your treat not exactly right from the oven, but half an hour later. Any potential apple acidity has been completely drowned in strawberry and raspberry mix which is the second strong note in the mix. Anyway, it's difficult for me to decide which one is my favourite, but Strawbery Gone Wild may take the cake, no pun intended. 

Smoozie Ice Strawberry Gone Wild

According to Apolloecigs, a concoction of sweet strawberries with a tart raspberry and apple kick topped with a cool breeze and this is a pretty accurate description. Apple smell is refreshing. The sensation of warmth is discreetly replaced with a slightly minty note felt evenly distributed on both the inhale and exhale. There is still some sweetness left. Anyway solid ejuice the best part of which is its smell.

All in All

This is a very good series. The thing I noticed about this one is its relatively strong throat hit especially if we consider the fact it is all VG. My i-leaf little tank quite successfully handled it. I normally don't vape all VG, so this was a pleasant surprise

For your information, e-liquids in the US Smoozie version are sold in 50ml bottles with nicotine strengths of 0,3 or 6mg ml, while the UK site sells them in 10ml bottles with the same strengths. UK also sells some of these juices as 50ml shortfills, so you can really choose from this site.

You can find each of the above Smoozie e-liquids if you click the pictures, or if you want to see the entire series here is the link Smoozie

If you are from UK or EU, you'll find them all, together with shortfills right here Smoozie E-liquids. Also, use code SWITCH1 to get 20%off  your purchase. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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