Smoking Out Candy Thieves 

Dear readers, I can see the future in which everybody is allowed to eat nothing but a bowl of prescribed soylent green. Or else. And I'm afraid, with each passing day or bill, our soylent green era is coming closer to our reality.

From  cluttered and not easy to read WCPO site:  Indiana Bill Would Empower Companies to Test And Fire Employees for Using Tobacco

Senate Bill 23, which Brown (Liz Brown, Fort Wayne Senator) sponsored, would repeal a portion of the state code that prohibits employers from attempting to control their workers' tobacco intake outside of the job. …

If the so-called "smoker's bill of rights" is no longer law, businesses would be able to withhold health coverage from smokers, refuse to hire them or even fire existing employees based on tobacco use in their free time.

Public Health Circus with Senator in the middle. Oh, I'll never get tired of posting this pic whenever there's talk about #public #health

Powers Of Senate here (further in the text: POS) and all kinds of lower level bodies, like local councils (further in the text: LOCOs) have been playing this prohibition game with tobacco products for quite a while. First they magnified the effect of second hand smoking to reach the skies. Now, they can fire you if you smoke even outside of your work place.

I was flabbergasted when I read a couple of years ago about people not being allowed to smoke in their own apartment if they were unlucky enough to live in some buildings. The rationale was: smoke might seep into other apartments“. We are talking about multi-housing units in cities like Los Angeles, New York. In the meantime, all the pollution that might seep into your lungs the moment you stepped out of that building to the street doesn't matter, obviously. Try googling second hand smoke from neighbors apartment“ and you'll be showered with raging paranoia.

When people  and businesses came up with a low cost, elegant and much less harmful solution of #ecigarette and #vaping, rational minds might have hoped the Powers that Be and LOCOs everywhere to give their enthusiastic  support to the said solution. But, hell no, they are actually putting all their efforts in exactly the opposite direction: after they applied their fascist methods to smokers, they are now trying to equalize smoking and vaping, just to carry on in the same pace. Since  vaping leaves no smell unless flavoured like fruit or candy, I wonder what raging BS they'll come up with to forbid indoor vaping.

But if you think candy is safe, think again. Ladies&Gents, today in Kent (UK), tomorrow in your city, I give you 

The Candy Thieves of Kent

From the Tale of Gnomes

From BBC South East“Unhealthy food will be confiscated from pupils' bags, a Kent school has announced.“

To this I can only say they're doing everything wrong. Everything. Like most of my generation, I gulped plenty of unhealthy food and drinks in my childhood and yet had no weight problems until 35. That's when I got my Internet connection. Should Internet be taken from me? Confiscated?

I somehow shudder at the thought that seems absurd now, but in two-three years, who the heck knows. Maybe we'll eventually be reduced to catacomb dwelling to do our crying on each other's shoulder there.

What Powers that Be as well as those school LOCOs completely fail to understand is that when you forbid stuff you achieve diddly squat.

Think of prohibition. What happened after it was initiated? A thriving black market that gave rise to a huge mob organisation, that's what. So, what do they expect to achieve with their candy prohibition here? We all know what will happen  - an impressive development in smuggling mindset and best practices among the youngest ones to prepare them for their future black market jobs, after being sacked for non compliance with the prescribed soylentgreen diet.    

They should let the kids play outside more, instead. More sports, more games. Of course, this simple yet low cost and beneficial solution would never occur to them. Because there's nothing simple or beneficial about PTBs and LOCOs. Only complicated, expensive measures dressed in convoluted prescriptions, and long-term harmful decisions dressed in poorly feigned concerns.

So, employee smoking habits - in their free time! - are be squashed in Indiana,US by POS politicians while sweets are to be meticulously confiscated from kids' backpacks in Kent,UK. I'm writing this from Croatia (EU). But is it really difficult to imagine somewhere down the line a poor guy from the neighbourhood,  forbidden to smoke anywhere at any time with a kid who must be constantly supervised not to take one single too salty or too sugary item. Anywhere at any time. Otherwise he can say goodbye to that apartment he's up to his ears in debt for, goodbye to that job with tobacco test that came out positive and goodbye to that kid taken by social service cause he and wife once yielded to the child's plea for a chocolate bar.  

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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