Smok XPro M45

ECigarettedirect a.k.a. Smoker's Angel sent me this mod for review and here it is after ten days of vaping. This is the first box mod they carry, and a product from SmokTech's set of xPro box modes. They come in different levels of power and size. Smok Xpro m45 is an upgrade from an earlier m36 version. After using on it with both sub-ohm and my classic Protank clearomizers, I'd say that its 45W are more than enough power. 

It arrived properly packaged in a sturdy but elegant grey and black box and I was anxious to see what's in there.

Smok XPro M45 Unboxed

  • silver Battery 37mm long, 22mm wide and 85mm high (at Smoker's Angel they also have them in blue, gray and pink), weight 128g 
  • micro USB cable
  • 510/ eGo adapter (to use it with eGo type clearomizers)
  • manual

Technical Info

  • capacity: 2200mah 
  • variable wattage from 6 to 45W
  • mech(anical) mode also enabled
  • supports clearomisers from 0.2-4 ohm resistance
  • short circuit and low resistance protection
  • adjustable brass center pin

For this review two clearomizers were used: Aspire Atlantis sub ohm and Protank 1. Trying the wattage out, my ideal vapes were at 19w and 7w respectively. When set to mech mode, the wattages displayed were higher: 25W and 7.5w.  You may find your sweet vaping spot different, of course. Which brings us to the first good thing about this device.


The greatest value of this little box is its flexibility, which is only enhanced by 510/eGo adapter in the box.  So, that's the first thing that got me and will probably get you hooked to this little boxlike gismo.

Second thing you'll like about this mini box mod is its capacity. With 2200mAh you can vape all day or two like I have. Now, that's good news. The overall charge time is not more than 4 hrs provided you use its own charger. Another good news.

I doesn't get warm, let alone hot due to solid ventilation system. You can see vent holes at the bottom. (Now, in case it does get warm, check your clearomizer or your coil.)

Newbie Corner

Many of us  have more different types of 510/eGo clearomizers and batteries lying around  – only mods like this one  will work with every single one of them.  Sub ohm or not, doesn't matter, just set your wattage properly.  If you select mech(anical) mode, you don't even have to do that.

Now, this is  very important  – start with low wattages because you don't want to burn your clearomizer, especially if it's brand new. Work your way up using little +/- buttons to set your wattage in 0.1w increments.  

Then there is wide strength range that this Mini box mode can be set and re-set to. SmokTech where this one comes from also carries stronger versions 50, 60 and 80w, but  this 45w limit is more than most vapers will actually need. Some vapers  using sub-ohm tanks with this device I talked to say they are quite satisfied with it. I prefer clearomizers around 2 ohm resistance, and Smok XPro m45, being flexible in that respect, has served me perfectly. It gives a strong vape that is easy to adjust to fit your preference

If you've never had a box mod, you may feel this 128g  weight a bit distracting, so the bigger versions might be too heavy for some of you, I suppose. Its sides are textured to make it a better fit for your hand and despite its overall rectangular look it really doesn't feel out of place when you hold it. Actually it sits quite comfortably in my relatively small hand.

Use Instructions Made Even Shorter

To use it might seem tricky to the novice, but it's actually simple. Fast five-click works for initial activation, and locking/unlocking the device.

Fast three-click for accessing menus. There are two of them with two settings each - mode (wattage/mech) and power( on/off).

One click is used solely for skipping the unwanted menu or  setting. Once you select your desired menu and you can see it on the display,  just wait for a couple of seconds and it will be activated. The same goes for your desired setting.

Funny thing is I thought that I wouldn't like a box mod, whether Smok XPro M45 or any other. It looked weird to me when I first saw it  on youtube video a while ago. For quite a long time, I was always kind of suspiciously looking at these boxes as something I could not and would not possibly use. Something like cigalike users who can't imagine themselves holding an eGo battery.  Or smokers who agree to try a cigalike but wouldn't come near an EVOD kit or similar. It came to me as a surprise that I quite grew to like and appreciate it.

In A Nutshell


  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • strong 
  • durable 
  • flexible


  • some may find this and other box mods just too heavy. Perhaps it would be good to include also a lighter mod even if with less wattage. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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