Prosmoke Review

Prosmoke kindly sent me their Deluxe Starter Kit for review. They also carry two smaller starter kits, 8 flavors in wide range of nic levels (0-28mg).

This was an interesting experience for at least two reasons: first time I tried three part cig-alike (the one with separate atomizer) and my first no-nicotine e-cigarette whatsoever. To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of either, but it's a matter of personal preference, so I'll keep this as impartial as it gets.

It took me more time to test Prosmoke than any other brand. After reading some users' and reviewers' complaints concerning cartridge leaking, inconsistent vapor and "ancient technology" as they put it, I wanted to check it all.  And, since this is a three piece e-cig,  I wanted to add some juice to the cartridges later, to see how it would work.

Prosmoke Kit review

Prosmoke Deluxe Kit comes in a sleek packaging – a sturdy box with magnetic flap. This is a standard thing but Prosmoke kit has its own unique good looks.

Read before Use

Prosmoke Kit Review

Now  pay attention to the little card with big red STOP on it

You are suppossed to read this before you start using Prosmoke.  You'll get two batteries here and one has a BLANK cartridge on the Prosmoke atomizer. Remove the blank cartridge, pick one from the available packs and remove its colored bung, put it on the atomizer and you are ready to go. It's a simple, hassle free process.


It's m403. A little cig-size battery and, although not my cup of tea, it definitely has a good reason for being sold. Some people, normally not at all interested in my  krd808s and DSE906s (resembling tobacco cig but visibly bigger), started asking questions about this little e-cig, especially when they saw it with its portable charging case. 

It takes 3 hours to get charged, but only two if charged in PCC. It gives 2-3 hours of intensive vaping, which is pretty good for such a small battery.

Prosmoke e-cigarette - three-piece, m403


That's a separate, low resistance atomizer with porcelain reinforcement. It actually makes cartridge warm after a few subsequent draws. Some people may take issue with that, others probably won't. Together with a small, cigarette-matching size, it contributes to making the whole thing closer to smoking experience. Some users may be looking exactly for that.  

The problem I have with this atomizer is that there's only one in Deluxe Kit. They should put a spare one just in case, at least in their big kits.


Deluxe kit has 4 packs  – vanilla, menthol, tobacco and apple. As for the flavors, you can't really say they are pronounced. You can recognize them, of course, but their aromas are muffled with tobacco flavor. So if you are looking for sharp and crisp menthol, pure vanilla or fresh apple just picked from the tree – forget it. With that said, neither of them is bad. We liked apple best.

Prosmoke sent 0mg nicotine cartridges with this kit. I can only guess why – either they feared it wouldn't pass the Croatian customs if it contained nicotine. Or they had most of no-nicotine ones in stock, LOL. 

When I saw no-nicotine on the kit, my old heart just sank. I was getting ready for some no-experience here. And it turned out I'd been wrong. Beside respectable amount of vapor for such a small cig, throat hit was still decent. For no-nicotine cartridge, that is.  

Cartridges have  tiny plastic bags and each comes with its own sealed bottom with bungs in corresponding flavor colors, a detail  cute and convenient.

However, tobacco flavor cartridges were all wet on the outside when I opened them. I dried them off and started to vape but there was still some leakage while vaping. Now, I've seen more people have the same complaint and Prosmoke should do something, because this wasn't just my shipment issue. Providing sealing for cartridge top too would at least prevent leaking during transport. Other companies normally do that.

Prosmoke De-luxe Kit Review

PCC - Portable Charging Case

A cute piece of equipment, not only looking good but doing its job well. It charges your batteries for less than 2 hours, with capacity of charging 4 or 5 of them and also has 5 cartridge slots.

You'll find instructions for use of this device not with the kit but on the website.  It's sleek, simple and we liked it.

All in All

I didn't notice any vapor inconsistency.

Only  when I filled cartridges with another juice (50-50 pg-vg) there was clear difference between first dozen draws and the following ones. The same thing didn't happen when I used another 100% VG e-juice.

What I noticed, though, with this 3-piece technology was that my 12mg e-liquid added later tasted much stronger than it usually does when I vape it using cig-alikes with kr808d or DSE906 batteries. Which means you could use lower nic level e-liquid with these and it would still give you a strong throat hit.

This explains why some vapers still prefer this 3-piece stuff. It really has that cigarette feeling. Add to it its small cigarette matching size and, despite certain flaws I wrote about, some smokers out there will have more chance to quit with these than with 2-piece.

Another difference is that Prosmoke cig requires somewhat stronger draw than usual cigalikes I reviewed here. This bothers me to some extent but, interestingly enough, my husband doesn't mind it at all.


  • beautiful design; 
  • wide range of nicotine levels (0-28, wider than most other brands)                                    
  • small but solid battery giving really cig-alike look;                     
  • respectable amount of vapor;
  • I suppose you'll get good throat hit with some nic in it I got some even with 0mg


  • some cartridges leaking
  • only one atomizer in de-luxe kit
  • somewhat less smooth draw than 2-piece e-cig

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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