Plain Packaging, Scott

Say what you will, but I don't believe that any of you would like to be in Scott Gottlieb's shoes these days. It's getting increasingly uncomfortable in there.

Vapers on one side, writing reams of virtual paper on what flavoured e-liquids mean to them, and tobacco control addicted orgs on the other, ready to sue poor Scott's pants off for prolonging the deadline set for premarket review of vapor products to 2022.

Come on people, it will probably take him that long to read War and Peace that vapers will have written on their damn flavours by June 19.

In the middle of it all Scott is doggedly pursuing his goal to make cigarettes less addictive by reducing nicotine in them to tomato levels, but we all know it won't work for smokers. 

Yet, there's this one thing developed world has already done, but US is somehow reluctant to. Dear Scott, how come they all have plain packaging and you don't? 

By the way, my not overly developed neck of woods has got it too, and if that didn't make you feel embarrassed, I don't know what would. 

It's a beautiful thing


See, Scott, plain packaging is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, the Big Tobacco will kick and scream,  boo and sue but you'll have already been there by then, so what the heck. You can have a big beautiful plain packaging, too.  To start this whole thing properly, we need to go back to its masterminds, the very people who had it first and now boast the biggest, baddest and plainest plain packaging on Earth.


You've guessed it right. Still, it turned out kind of embarassing. Now they are trying to convince the public that plain packaging, introduced in 2012 and constantly improved until it occupied the whole side of the pack, actually works.  Pity the graph here says otherwise.

Smoking has hardly decreased since the ambitious and overly lauded  plain packaging was launched. Just follow the gray line. 


So, you may ask why having another big flop that not even fake news can properly cover... up.

Scott, this is actually your chance to do the same thing, only much better. 

So far we've seen that plain packaging can't scare folks, no matter how awful it looks. You can't scare them, Scott, but there is one thing you can do.

You can piss them off

Simon Chapman tobacco control AUS

Now if only someone in Australia had hired me to come up with the most effective plain packaging, this here is exactly what they would have got. And I bet that graph above would look much different than it does now. 

Of course, when it comes to Simon Chapman, you can always say but wait, there's more and you'd be right. You may be inspired to create some plain packaging yourself after reading what he wanted to do to smokers five years ago. 

Yes, I fear that by the time Americans have their plain packaging ready to go, Australians will already have Simon's smoker licenses printed and people lined up to take smoker's tests with questions compiled by you know who. 

Let's do it, Scott

There's been much talk on these pages about how big of a threat tobacco control addiction  really is. 

Tobacco control addicts have been suffering from a number of behavioral disorders - they are addicted to giving prolonged tedious lectures to people they neither understand nor like. Also, they are dependent on being financed for every spending habit and whim they have, including the silliness in the photo. They cost societies an awful load of money that could be used for solving more pressing issues and in a more purposeful way. 

So if smoking is your least reasonable habit, you may want to rethink it after becoming acutely aware of where your tax dollars are going.

 When they aren't churning crap and clogging social networks with it, Truth Initiative is in the suing mode. That's been their MO since the beginning, even before - actually that's how they came into being, by suing Big Tobacco and becoming one heck of a filthy rich org, with a pompous name - American Legacy Foundation. Now they've renamed themselves into Truth Initiative and are  suing Scott and FDA, while trying to brainwash everybody else.  

It's pity that logic, decency and common sense can't cough up some money to sue them. This is the only thing you can do, Scott - smokers should know where a big chunk of tobacco tax money once went and what it enabled.

This may be a good deterrent, but let's keep the best for last.

Smokers can be reminded that their money is also going towards financing other common behavioral defects widely spread in tobacco control addiction groups. Every now and then they seem to go all senile, no matter of their real age, and completely forget why they are (supposed to be) here. And who they are (supposed to be) helping. And how they should treat those same people. Publicly at least.

If you'd never smoked, you wouldn't have become a vaper either. If you didn't vape, you'd probably never meet AMA president  and he'd never call you astroturf

Smokers know, at least intuitively, that these folks are of no use and out of touch. But it's good to remind them from time to time, Scott. 

Vital Strategies
Stanton Glantz tobacco control

This nice and innocent looking Granpa is actually one mean, instant study churning machine. This is the man thanks to whom passive smoking has become such a boogeyman that in some parts of the world, especially the one closest to Granpa, there are people forbidden to smoke even in the apartment they own or are renting. With their own money. Because...wait for it... the smoke might seep into other apartments in the building. 

Now if this is not enough to piss you off and make you reconsider your smoking habit, I am about to give up on you. 

Scott, I believe this one is THE winner. You are going to win so much with it, that you'll become tired of winning. And you will say - Switch, I don't want to win any more, it's become boring!

Scott, wait, there's more!

You can hire me and I can make these till the cows come home.There is just one question left: do you really want to win this, Scott? 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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