Panda Evolve Kit

  • Update 2018. The company Panda e-cigs exists no more. On the right you can see the kit most similar in appearance and performance that is sold in US by V2 cigs. Batteries are 3.94 inch long, with 280mAh capacity. They are supposed to be enough for about 300 puffs, but this is not what I can guarantee, since I haven't tested this kit. 
  • Here's the link for a couple of similar kits sold by their sister company in UK  Vapour2

V2 EX Series - advanced electronic cigarette technology

For the life of me I don't understand why Panda Evolve Kit isn't more popular. It has everything –  looks good, uses its capacity to the full, providing heavy vapor and proper throat hit.  Plus it has been on a clearance sale for some time. And its spare parts are on liquidation sale too.  All with prices slashed 50%.

Panda ecigs is a California based company with an interesting offer of 510 threaded and other e-cigarettes in all sizes and shapes, both for beginners and experienced vapers.

Their Evolve Kit came in this cute little box

Panda Evolve Kit box

In The Box

Panda Evolve Kit now looks a bit different from what the picture on their site shows – instead of prefilled cartomizers it has little clearomizers, so just look at this pic below. FYI – you can buy the prefilled cartomizers separately, but I don't know anything about their flavor - I didn't order them. In the box you'll find

  • two  230 mAh batteries, 510 thread,   
  • two Micromizers, 0.9ml capacity,
  • a wall charger-adapter, 
  • a USB charger,
  • three plastic tester mouthpieces (to let people try your e-cig safely),
  • a manual
Panda Evolve Kit - inside the box

Panda Evolve Kit Battery

Slim, rechargeable lithium 230 mAh battery with 510 thread and 3.7 voltage.  You can choose among six colors and 2 battery modes – automatic or manual. It has a crystal tip that  adds to the overall sleek look.

So practically everything you've got for your eGo batteries – chargers, clearomizers, cartomizers - is compatible with it.  Still it's not  recommended to use it with big clearomizers like Kanger Protank, since this is a small capacity battery. (However, it looks kind of interesting, so we've given it a try.)

Testing showed that this battery gets charged in 2 and a half hours, and it gave 4 solid hours of heavier vaping although it's advertised for medium smokers. Interesting that Panda says on their site it's 3 hours. They are not exaggerating its performance – it's great so they don't need to.

Here is Evolve e-cig with a few others from my collection - kr808d-2, DSE906, m403 and one disposable. Looks slightly longer because of clearomizer, but the only slimmer e-cig in the picture is the little Prosmoke's m403.

Panda Evolve Kit battery compared to other batteries


It's actually Kanger T4s clearomizer, an improved version of their T4. With  capacity of 0.9ml, this one gives some really good vapor and throat hit. Easy to fill without syringe, doesn't leak. The only thing that bothers me a little is a certain slightly rubbery feel of the black mouthpiece. Nothing really inconvenient, I just became pretty picky, like everyone else who has spent so much time with all kinds of e-cigs.  

We also ordered Vision nano clearomisers with this shipment. See pic below, Vision Nano is the upper one. Unlike Micromizer, it is a bottom coil clearomizer and although its mouthpiece really feels better, T4s Micromizer has better performance re amount of vapor and throat hit. Both are good solid little clearomizers.

Compared with another little clearomizer we've used - cc510, Panda Evolve Kit Micromizer wins hands down. Beside somewhat better overall performance, it has a mouthpiece wihich cc510 doesn't.

This is a little e-cig that works like a big one! That pretty much sums up all the reasons why the same day we got it and started vaping, we ordered 5 more batteries and 10 more clearomizers.

Update after two months

This is just a short report two months after our first and second shipment.

Daughter uses them on a daily basis, husband and I use it on and off - all the batteries work and below in the pic you can see Panda Manual Battery. We can only recommend this product. Little clearomizers are also doing their job well, usually last for about a week on average.

Update from 2015

We still have them at home. I gave several of these to a relative and she was using them for months. This is a great small kit. 

Panda Manual and Automatic Batteries


  • great design of battery and packaging
  • powerful throat hit for such little e-cig
  • much vapor for such a small capacity battery and clearos
  • solid battery life
  • first time I find test mouthpieces in a starter kit
  • this slashed price, of course


couldn't find any, no matter how much I tried 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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