The Unbearable Difficulty of Switching The Channel 

Not a day can go by without someone being offended by some decades old comedy. Remember Del Boy, Grandad and Rodney? Well, someone from  younger generations, fondly nicknamed after feathery ice crystals, was offended by Only Fools and Horses. I don't even want to go there and check out the particular –ism that did such an irreparable damage to all the feewings our pwecious icy displays of delicate sixfold symmetry have been harbouring in their righteous little hearts.

By the way, have you heard that James Bond is a rapist? Wait, there's more: "James Bond is a sexist, racist rapist'. Forms of frozen precipitation seem to be left "appalled after watching 007 film for first time."

Young people  watching the early films starring Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton are said to be shocked at how racist and sexist the character is.

One reader's comment: "I've decided I'm offended by the Romans occupying Britain and enslaving my ancestors. I demand an apology."

Are all those Hollywood actresses  going to wear black for poor Bond girls on the next Golden Globe?  At this point I wouldn't be surprised.

Have You Been Served A Shitty Education

"Grow up!" would be the only advice I'd give, while reading about yet another case – folks, this is turning into a giant snowball of shitstorm. Now the show Are you being served  has been banned from theatres because it offended the sensibilities of our little ice crystals falling from a cloud.

Something must be wrong with me. Heck, I''m not even offended by my older conservative relatives and their right wingish views. And these are my own blood(y) relatives! When I'm in the mood, I pretend to listen to what they are saying. When I'm not – I just move away. Simple.

So, following the same logic, I must ask you clusters of ice pellets:  how difficult is it to change the channel really?

When did it become so complicated to switch the channel when you get offended by what you see?

Is all this brouhaha because of the feelings hurt? Or maybe there's something else, more sinister, lurking behind these moanings. 

Even if moaners themselves aren't aware of it, they might be possessed by an insufferable impulse to control the viewing habits of their fellow people. The adult fellow men and women, the same crowd that is supposed to be the judge (and jury!) of what offends them and what does not.  

As If There Was No Other Choice (duh)

Dear flakes of snow, I would have much more sympathy for your offended hearts in this matter if there was only one or two tv channels and no Internet around. It would still mean you wanted to control who watches what, but in that case, your  screaming from the rooftops about Del Boy being racist, would not only be understandable - it would actually make some sense.

If we had little viewing choice, such relentless criticism of tv would have meaninful purpose.  To make it better, of course, and for each and every one of us "better" is really what we believe it to be.  

But in the world overflowing with tv channels on top of other channels and then you buy max tv and have 245 more channels competing for your attention, you have no other business but to get offended by Delboy being racist on the 134th channel!

How on earth did you even find him?

What Did Poor Del Boy Ever Do to You?

Do you really think that an unemployed petty hustler who was on tv 35 years ago should have shared your precious little values which are often nothing more than your college professor's precious big values, neatly packaged in little boxes for you on some of those courses where you get your points and grades for parroting the old fart?

 And now when poor Del Boy is  racist, Are You Being Served?  is sexist, James Bond is vile rapist and all labels are on their right places – foreheads of fictional characters - you can have your well deserved rest: your work has been done. You're one heck of a courageous snow particle, aren't you? Your old ancestors – those fighting the fascists, in snow and mud up to their ears, with their machine guns, half a meal, bugs and wounds – those sissies have nothing on you.

Still, I'd like to know what happened to that good old channel switching. Your remote control button isn't permanently stuck, is it? You agglomerations of snow crystals falling as a unit  are making monumental fools of yourselves. Now, if you are very young, I can cut you some slack, but if you are over 25, no. Sorry. You want to control what other people watch on the whole tv, including channel 134. You are  not snowflakes. You are the tsunami. Of stupidity.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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