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Like many manufacturers in e-cig industry, Kangertech can't stop bringing new Protanks to the market every now and then. Generally speaking, this is good. Things get a bit complicated though when replaceable parts are not compatible between different versions, but that's the price you need to pay for the progress, I guess.

Three New Kanger Kids on the Block

So, after Kanger Protank 1 and 2 reviewed here - plus their mini version which I haven't tried yet – three Kangers surfaced one after another and it happened pretty fast. First among them was Kanger Unitank, which I refused to even look at since it anounced its come back to the plastic tank. It made no sense to me – the main reason for my chosing Protanks was pyrex glass. Affordable coil heads in 5 packs (same for all three  clearomizers and compatible with Evods) proved to be of a varying quality. Some lasted for two weeks whereas others were gone in a few days.

Protank3 and  Aerotank

Kanger Protank 3

  • new replacement heads (not compatible with the Protank 1, 2 or 2Mini)
  • pyrex glass construction
  • 2.5ml E-liquid capacity
  • removable 510 drip tip
  • completely disassemble- easy cleaning
  • 510 connection threading
  • bottom fill design - easy to change coils and fill at the same time

It includes one Kanger ProTank 3 clearomizer, 510 stainless steel drip tip and two replacement heads

Kanger Aerotank

  • adjustable airflow control
  • replaceable pyrex tank
  • glue-free
  • removable 510 drip tip
  • bottom coil
  • replaceable dual coil atomizer
  • heads (compatible with Protank 3 coil heads only!)
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • 510 threading
  • comes in a beautiful box with 2 replaceable coil heads and a cone

Kanger must have finally felt the same glass nostalgia after Unitank being on the market for some time – they also returned to glass, first with Protank 3 and then with Aerotank. The reviews for the latter on youtube and elsewhere are glowing, so I got one too.

Let's talk about my Aerotank. I purchased it from Panda ecigs. The packaging look beautifully: it contains two coil heads and a cone. The first use went elegant and smooth with flying colors!

However, not being a reveiwer who tries things once and then gets to the next shining e-cig object (I actually tend to use the stuff for weeks now and share it with my family to collect more opinions before I even think of writing a review! ). When I tried to vape on my Aerotank for the second time it stopped working.

It was two months ago and there was no second use to this day. Because I have no idea what the heck happened to it. I've been trying to repair it – I put it apart, washed it and put it together again several times. And it's still not working. The dial on the base that was supposed to be turned to increase or decrease airflow, wouldn't work to this day.

Protank 3 also stopped working, but this one I managed to repair and use today as one of my two clearomizers for the time being. Didn't notice any difference between Protank 3 and Protank 2. Unlike the difference between versions 1 and 2, where 2 was better looking and slightly better performing.

However this is not the main beef I have with Kanger's Clearomizers. After all, that one piece not working for me doesn't mean Aerotank should be dismissed. I just might be unlucky with it. Something more general bothers me and that's the unreliability of their coil heads. 

So, What to Do? 

Aspires, CE4s

Left to right Aspire Clearomizer, Aspire Mini (read review), wickless CE4 clearomizers (CE4 review)

The other one of my present clearomizers is Aspire BDC (bottom dual coil) and let me tell you: Aspire has far better and far more reliable coil heads than Protanks, especially new Protank versions - 3, Unitank and Aerotank.  Even with previous Protanks 1, 2  the unreliability of coil heads was noticeable. Very often in a  series of 5 there would be one or two either not working properly (lasted only for a day or two – or not working at all. Coils heads for new Kangers proved even worse in my review – I got nine - five pack plus those that come boxed with new clearomizers. Only 2 or 3 worked. It's been more than two months since I've used them on and off.

Honestly, as much as I would like to - since I love the way Kangers look and am also fan of the glass tank! -  I  can't recommend this new stuff. 

I'd rather point you out in the direction of Aspire BDC clearomizers if you've already been vaping for some time, more bang for your buck anyway.

And if you are a brand new e-cigarette user, definitely start with CE4. What I have come up with after two years of vaping and to my own surprise – Ce4 is here to stay. My preference is wickless (or with hidden wicks) version – it looks great, it's simple to use, obtainable everywhere and relatively cheap. And if you are paranoid about fibres that might get into your lungs“ (not that I heard anything like that happen, but you can't beat paranoia, can you), it's good to stick with wickless for that reason only.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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