Jac Vapour S22 Vape Kit Review

Just the other day I was lamenting how vaping has got all too complicated and how it has become oblivious of a poor smoker who is yet to make that switch. And how all these Chuck Norris approved gismos need a sophisticated tech manual each. And how I'd love to see more stuff that you can set up and start vaping in a minute.

Well, the device I got in my #vapemail two days ago, a small kit Jac Vapour S22, is here to tell me to stop moaning. And to keep a little bit more open mind about different styles of vaping. 

In a little blue box packaging Jac Vapour s22 vapekit arrived timely like everything else that EcigarettedirectUK based company, has sent me for review in the last five years. 

Jac Vapour s22 -What's in it 

- 2600mAh battery, dimensions H82mm, W 22mm, L27mm, voltage 3.1 - 3.8 and more, connection 510 

- 2ml topfill tank with airflow  adjustment dial, removable tip which is not standard, but an adapter for 510 standard tips can be purchased separately 

-1.0 Ohm MTL (mouth to lung) single vertical S-coil

- USB charger, with passthrough functionality 

- small user manual 

Look And Feel

Rubber oil finish looks classy. Battery shape works great both in aesthetic and ergonomic sense. This is a small setup - fits nicely in your hand. Also, the problem that penstyle e-cig users have with their devices rolling off any surfaces all too often, is skillfully omitted here.

The shape of this battery is a happy mix of pen and box, stable enough to sit firm on the table, yet not boxlike ugly and clumsy. Small logo etched near the bottom of the battery also works as charging indicator. Button is thumb-ready, placed exactly where your thumb is supposed to be when you vape.

Airflow dial on the tank base works just fine. Mouthpiece is easily screwn on and off for top filling this tank which is also no hassle at all. 

One of my favorite features is the passthrough functionality - so good for us laptop screen gazing scatterbrains who tend to forget that batteries need charging. 

It's obvious that a lot of good thinking was invested into designing this setup. This is probably the best designed among the non-cigalike devices I have reviewed so far. 

Use And Performance

This is an easy to set up kit. You should prime the coil with two drops of e-liquid before you screw it on the tank base. Unscrew the mouthpiece and fill in the liquid. Adjust the airflow at the base to your preferred width. You're ready to go.  1.0 Ohm coil for mouth to lung vaping (MTL) is the part of this kit, which is just fine for me. 

As always I'm using my 12mg nicotine e-liquid with 60-40 VG-PG ratio. However, I find that 6mg works better with this device.  Now, just for the record, I normally vape 12mg or even 18 with my Evod twist and Spinner2 batteries I normally use. 

The vapour volume is very satisfactory and so is the throat hit. There's a little sound during inhalation which doesn't bother me. Also, the tank gets just a little warm, not more than any of my devices, perhaps a bit less even. Draw is easy.  Now, for the sake of fairness, I'm used to vaping with higher resistance coils 1.2 -1.8 Ohm and narrower mouthpieces, so I'd replace this one. However, I appreciate the experience and quite like it. 

Now, somewhere at 50% of its capacity, you can feel the loss of voltage in your vaping. 

For direct lung vaping, I used 3mg nic VG e-liquid that I tried in the local shop with the ladies who own it. We used Hallo Tank 02's  0.5 Ohm coils.

So, the microphone goes to them in the first of which will hopefully be more reports from the shop.

Jac Vapour S22

S22 Vape Kit - All in All

This is one little kit with a classy look. I even like that Martian green version. Anybody can vape it, from beginner to experienced vaper. Its size fits a hand perfectly and is small enough to carry in a pocket. It gives everyone a nice vape and can be adjusted for both styles of vaping.

Apart from observable loss of voltage when at 50% of its capacity, which can be offset by its passthrough function, I don't see anything bad about it. 

For an ambitious goal to fit everybody, it's a nice achievement.  However, what I would do with this kit is sell it in two versions, something like  s22 DL and s22 MTL. 

Sabina's Corner

Sabina and Biserka, owners of Mysteria, local&online vape shop here in Croatia, have been a great help to me in assessing the S22 performance. Their experience is especially valuable related to direct lung vaping. They also added a couple of other observations.

First thing Sabina notices is the pleasant coolness of vape, not often to be found in case of similar devices at the same resistance.  The device works quietly, without any crackling noises,  unlike some other they've tested. The atomizer provides a fine aroma and its cotton wick doesn't affect e-liquid taste at all. Vapor is solid. Asked which kits they would compare it to, both Sabina and Biserka said said AIO.

Another good thing Biserka points out is s22's rubber oil finish surface preventing the device to slip out of your hand.

The only downside Sabina mentions is the lack of option for vapers to replace the existing mouthpiece with their own. Some people, she says,  might prefer it.

All three of us agree it looks fine. Asked to grade this device in the range of 1 to 5 , both ladies say the'd give it 4.5 

We also think that 2600 mAh capacity is solid for a setup this small, and needed for such devices, especially when it comes to low resistance, direct lung vaping.

So, s22 DL would come with 0.5 Ohm coil and everything else would remain the same.  S22 MTL would have a narrower mouthpiece.

 I'd go a bit higher with coil resistance, 1.2 perhaps, but that may be just me. 

 Check out Jac Vapour s22 vapekit together with necessary spare parts.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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