Idiocracy of Today

We live in interesting times. A wrong tweet, either stupid in itself or just deemed evil by the offended generation and their keepers, can cost you much. Your job, your social life, even your peace of mind. However, if you are setting someone up for a heart attack on camera, that's just cool. 

it's got electrolytes

Am I crazy to think that this is crazy? A mere tweet can wreak havoc to your life. Just ask that girl Justine who once tweeted something stupid while flying. By the time she landed her career was over.

Now if you tweet every day, aren't you just a little bit afraid?  

 On the other hand, some stupid prank that scares the bejeesus out of random strangers, with a fresh delivery of nightmares, is nothing but cool when seen on the camera.

Fancy a bomb?

Imagine this scene – you are in your car, just stopped at zebra. Another car is waiting next to you. You're alone with your thoughts on latest news talking about the new islamic terrorist attack. There's a guy in full Arab garb with a backpack, approaching your car from the sidewalk. Now, if your city has many immigrants from there with a number of them wearing traditional clothes, you probably think nothing of it.

But then, everything changes. The guy throws his backpack into your car and runs away quickly.

As you can see, the "Arab" did this same crap to a number of random people on a number of random places. The response was hilarious to watch. All the ways people run away from danger, all those 7 feet fences they are suddenly able to jump over, imagine.

I was watching my friend laughing her socks off over these scenes and then it hit me: the power of screen itself and the sheer number of idiotic prank videos today tend to make people desentisized. This is an otherwise normal person I'm talking about, even someone known for always putting others before herself.

The hilarity of what you're watching magically turns off the part of your brain in charge of compassion. Yes, that ability to find yourself in someone else's shoes. The idea that this whole setup could have ended differently, maybe even tragically, and find its deserved place in "pranks gone terribly wrong" never really crosses your mind. There's a whole youtube category with that name -  a sad witness to the stupidity of this era.  

Well, I used this opportunity to remind my friend she'd be the first one seething with fury if this ever happened to her or hers. She wouldn't find anything funny about it, but would probably rush to alert the authorities. Yet, there she was, rolling on the floor until our little exchange started.    

Fancy a heart attack?

If you watch the clip more closely, you'll find several situations where the consequences might have been anything - from injury to death. The part with throwing backpack into a car in traffic, also the part with scaring a guy so much he runs accross the street without even checking the traffic. Of course, if you felt there's an imminent bomb threat, you wouldn't do it either.

On top of it all, these folks are strangers. People we know drop from heart attacks unexpectedly. How the heck then can the pranksters know if a random stranger has any problems with his ticker. 

People love candid cameras, but let me tell you this - more than 80% of that crap is a complete jackassery created by individuals who might be talented or not, but whose upbringing is somewhat screwed up.

If you can think up the plot, prepare the script, actors, wardrobe, cameras and everything, and not once during this all does it occur to you, what if I scare someone so much that something bad happens to them.

If you can do all that without having this consideration (which alone would be enough to pull the plug), well, I don't want to be anywhere near you. 

There is no fancy name like social experiment that can cover the stupidity of not being able to foresee the most glaring of unintended consequences. Btw if one is unable to see that, how qualified then is he or she to conduct any such experiments? 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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