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Highbrow Vapor E-liquid Review

We've heard a lot of good things about Highbrow Vapor, so it was time to order.  On their site - with a bit unusual look, nothing like your old typical e-cig or e-liquid site -  you'll find dozens of e-liquids.  Readers' reveiws  there reveal quite a number of people who  know much – these e-liquids have obviously been enjoyed by avid vapers.

Highbrow Vapor is a US based family business making their own PG-VG 80-20 e-liquid. They are also ready to customize the ratio of their base and their flavors to meet your wishes. 

A Review of Five Highbrow Vapor E-liquids

Apricot – normally I liked these fruity flavours and this one is my all-times favorite. Authentic, natural - not overly sweet and with a beautiful smell – it's one of those things able to move you to a very nice place. Like a lazy weekend under the sun, whether Californian or Mediterranean (take your pick). You are resting in the most comfortable rocking chair you can find around and now I need some music to complete this description.

RY4 –  is said to be the mixture of tobacco, caramel and vanilla (in this one the flavorists said they added cocoa). However, to me it is a strong, predominantly tobacco flavor. I don't know if it's because I got used to girly-sweety flavors too much, thing is hardly any flavor but tobacco here. Only when  compared it to previously described cigar flavor would you see the difference.

There is a kind of sweet little undertone totally absent from cigar flavor. RY4 could be recommended to heavy smokers trying to get off their cigarettes. This one I liked best of all three tobacco flavors we ordered and it just grows on you the more you vape it. It actually leaves you with its tobacco throat hit even after vaping. 

Now if you are a light smoker, after this one you'll probably get the feeling you smoked too much. Yes, smoked. Light smokers, don't order 18mg, start with something less strong. High switchability factor for heavy smokers and definitely recommended for them.

Cigar and French Pipe - Hardly an expert on these flavors, I've never had cigar or pipe in my entire life, so this is just to report my trying them out.  

Cigar flavor is killing with its strength. Although I'm vaping it using bottom coil clearomizer (Kanger Protank 2) which normally gives less throat hit than the ones with atomizers on the top, I've never vaped such a strong e-liquid (it's 18mg, my usual nic level).  Pipe flavour is a bit less intense – due to my totally inexperienced self as far as pipes and cigars go, I'm not going to drag with this part of revies.

Coffee – well, here we go again. Americans make a kind of coffee that makes me wonder – are we drinking the same plant here? Or you better leave it to the Chinese. The only coffees I like are Dekang and GreenSmoke coffee. That's it. Ok, V4l coffee isn't bad, but I expected more from Highbrow vapor and their Dark Roast Coffee.

Highbrow Vapor E-liquid Review

To wrap it up – we liked every Highbrow Vapor e-liquid, except coffee (but that's probably us vs American coffee in general, so it's safe to disregard it). As for the Apricot e-liquid, like is clearly an understatement. It's an absolutely great e-liquid and we are positive all vapers who have transitioned from tobacco to other flavours will find this particular flavor excellent.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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