Halo UK E-liquid

Ecigarettedirect kindly sent me Halo e-liquids to review. Now, we have been reviewing the ejuice from this series for years now. Here's our last review of their UK-made liquid, but it's been a long time since then.

The liquids to be reveiwed today are all 50/50 PG/VG and the vapegear I use is my favourite setup these weeks – JacVapour S22 battery and Aspire Nautilus 2 tank with 1.8 Ohm coil.

Little bottles are easy to open and fill in your tank.    

Vanilla Ice Cream

Probably a little bias here on my part -  I love vanilla in everything and anything – cakes, cookies, ice-cream, you name it.

Halo UK e-liquid

However, that completely aside, this Halo e-liquid gives  rich, opulent vapor and throat hit is very satisfactory for 1.2% or 12mg. At inhale it is slightly warm (hence I can't really associate it with ice cream), then comes the full vanilla flavour and it has this aftertaste of sugar mixed with just a tad of bitterness you can feel at exhale.

   The only thing I'd slightly change is the name. Unless it is  menthol or maybe berries (which I don't particularly like in any e-juice, so you won't see me reviewing them), it's difficult to recreate an ice cream experience because you have to somehow emulate its coolness. Vanilla cake or better yet, vanilla sugar would be more fitting and would perfectly define this flavour. I don't know if you use vanilla sugar to make your cakes, but here in the link you can read succint Wikipedia explanation.  

Coffee Cream

Halo UK e-liquid

This e-liquid has a pleasant creamy smell the moment you open it. At inhale there's mixture of coffee with a hint of sweetness. Exhale gives  you rich and tasty cream with sweetness more emphasized. Everything previously said about vapour is the same here. Throat hit is somewhat more emphasized which is to be expected from the flavour that has coffee in it.

It seems that I always have a bit of  problem when evaluating coffee flavours that come from the West. As a dedicated drinker of black strong coffee with no sugar, the habit even older than my previous 30 year smoking, I obviously have a firm definition of what its taste should be. Of course, this is cream flavour, and it's supposed to be sweet, so I have to allow deviation from my usual expectations. 

That said, at the first inhale where the coffee taste is felt at most, it was rather pleasing in its authenticity.

Menthol Blast

Halo UK e-liquid

As far as menthol in general goes, we in the house do have experience, having tasted it in cigalikes and e-liquid over the years. We can say that Mentol Blast is really aptly named – the first you feel a rush of menthol flavour and then, as you exhale, your entire mouth is tingling with its sharp sensation. Any water you may drink after this is cold, cold. No one can say it's mild and the little  sweetness in it is only minimal, just to accentuate the main flavour. This is for pure menthol fans - don't expect this to be like candy for kiddies. We encountered a very similar flavour in Ecigarettedirect cigalikes in Halo Kit and I remember being very satisfied with it too. You can feel it for quite a while after you stop vaping.

 This is another one in the series of liquids that can be graded from very good to excellent depending upon how stringent your criteria are.  

Manic Mango

Halo UK e-liquid

Well, I didn't expect to feel the overly intense sweet smell when I opened the bottle and did my usual pre-sniff , but here it was and the bottle needed to stay open for a couple of hours. Upon returning, the smell was not so strong, so it was time to vape.

I decided to use Nautilus x – with its wide mouthpiece, it kind of disperses the flavour making it more mellow. I  even had a mango fruit to refresh the memory of the taste. Anyway, this stuff took some getting used to.

After all, I can say that this one does get the taste but makes it more intense than the fruit itself has. Otherwise a nice flavour, thick vapour as usual and a smell a bit too strong for my taste. Throat hit rather weak,  but this is what you can expect from a fruit flavour. All in all, not bad, but  the least favourite of the four. 

Halo UK e-liquid

What I liked about all four is a lasting taste after the vape, great vapour and decent throat hit. 

All in all, Ecigarettedirect never disappoints. I'd like to see one of my favourites of all time - Banoffee pie. That  juice has totally undeservedly fallen by the wayside. 

You can check out these and other e-liquids on Ecigarettedirect Site. This series is available in nicotine strengths 0.0, 0.3, 0.6 , 1.2 and 1.8%. (or 0-3-6-12- 18mg) Halo UK e-liquid.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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