Halo Refills

Smoker's Halo Refills for Halo Kit and Mini Kit e-cigs

In a strip packaging and sealed on both sides, Halo refills is a  variety pack of cartomisers (cartridges) made and sold by Ecigarettedirect, a UK manufacturer and retailer. Flavours are and nicotine strengths are:

  •        tobacco (2.4%)
  •        menthol (1.2%)
  •        cherry (1.2%)
  •        chocolate (1.2%)
  •        vanilla (1.2%)

It's intended for Smoker's Halo Kit and Mini Kit batteries. See the pic above. 

You can remove flavor labels on cartomisers if you want to.

At first I was wondering why tobacco was 2.4 nic level whereas other flavours only 1.2, but then it dawned on me that it was probably the best combination.

New customers,  usually at their vaping beginnings, would prefer tobacco to be stronger, so they can feel the throat hit better. If this one proves to be too strong, they can order lighter anyway. ECDirect offers five nicotine strenghts - from 0.0 to 2.4.

It's usually a bit later that people really start switching from tobacco to other flavours. By that time they will probably want to feel flavour more than throat hit anyway.

Halo Refills - Flavours

First, a  few words about each of Halo flavours.

Menthol – in  white looks great with Smoker's Angel battery. See for yourselves. It's not just standing there and looking good though. Probably  one of the best menthols out there. My husband says that he wants menthol to be sharp enough to clear his air passages (that's how he puts it, anyway). This one leaves you with that feeling.  

While VG is good for Vanilla, fruit and PG seem to go very well together, at least to me. So I liked Cherry flavour with scented feeling it leaves behind.

Chocolate – comes in a conveniently dark cartomiser. It kind of reminds me of Austrian cakes. Full, somewhat creamy taste with only a hint of sugar which you feel only after you exhale.

Vanilla – is an average vanilla for me. Not better or worse than other ones I tried. Generally speaking, vanilla in e-cig asks for more VG liquid to reach its potential. That's why I am not really raving about it. 

Tobacco – will probably get you off tobacco cigarettes for good. Throat hit is strong enough and coupled with pleasant aftertaste.

Of course 2.4 would be too much for any light smoker. If you are one, you can safely go with either 1.8 or 1.2, take your pick. They are both sold in Smoker's Halo Starter Kit with Free Mini Kit. This is the best offer on the market today and here is exactly why: The Smoker's Halo Kit with Free Mini Kit - link to our review.

Smoker's Halo Kit and refills

I'd  like to see more VG in ECigaretteDirect's flavours. However, I am aware that this is only a personal preference. Apart form that, everything else is excellent about this item. Delivery was fast as usual.

Finally, I'd like to recommend ECigaretteDirect (Smoker's Angel) and all their products to smokers and vapers outside UK as well. This new discount offsets the shipping costs anyway. ECigaretteDirect also provides a warranty replacement of hardware (batteries and accessories) just in case.

Fast shipment, too. Everything ECigarettedirect shipped to us in Croatia, whether we ordered it as customers or were given for review, arrived within a week.

Visit Halo Refills / Refill Cartridges page.

USB multi port charger with various batteries

While at Smoker's Angel site, you may want to check out this USB multiport charger. Here it is at my home, charging batteries daily since October 2012 and now is May 2013. (Update from April 2015, it's still working, unfortunately I can't find it On Ecigarettedirect site any more).

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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