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Update 2018 - What follows is  a review from 2013. A lot has changed since that time, including the Green Smoke  which is now a part of another company, although the brand Green Smoke is still being sold. 

I don't know whether there's been any change to the product quality. So please understand that this is a review from five years ago. 

Green Smoke Flavors are made both PG and VG with nicotine and flavorings.  That accounts for both strong throat hit and plenty of vapor that their cartomizers provide.

Cartomizer capacity is around 6-7 hrs of more intensive vaping on average. If you buy them in your nicotine level.

If you vape lower nic level than your usual, you'll go through it faster. So  I went through 0.6 mg in 5 hours and  lost count for 2.4. It's still here -  haven't vaped it all yet.

What makes Green Smoke different from most others is that when they say  it's full flavor - full flavor it really is. When they say light – you guessed it, it's light.

However, having tested all their nicotine strengths except 0, I can tell you this: even their 0.6% is something you could go with.

GreenSmoke Variety Pack with GS designer battery

To further illustrate this point: my default nic level is 1.8%. Sometimes it's 1.2 in the evening.  

I also gave 0.6% to an other person who smokes 1.8% to try out and he completely agreed with me. Also, this is the first time when I can say that the full flavor is a bit too strong for me. Which is how it should be, since I used to smoke Marlboro Light.  Red Label and Tobacco Gold were especially strong.  Vanilla, Tobacco Absolute and Mocha Mist a bit less.

If you are after reducing your nicotine level,  you can safely go with this. It feels stronger than the mere number would suggest but isn't irritating for those who smoke lighter e-cigs either.

On the other hand, it seems that some people are obsessing about reducing nicotine levels in e-cigs. Totally unnecessary: the nicotine absorbtion form electronic cigarettes is at least two (some say: three) time less than the absorbtion from tobacco.

GreenSmoke various nicotine levels

GreenSmoke Cartomizers 

GreenSmoke carries five nicotine levels of seven flavors and Variety Pack, all sold in five packs. The Variety Pack contains tobacco (Absolute and Red), coffee, vanilla and menthol flavor cartomizers. 

GreenSmoke cartomizer packs

Mocha Mist - Unlike sweet Ozone Smoke coffee  (also good in its own right but more resembling coffee candy) with GreenSmoke, this coffee business is getting more serious. There's a little chocolate mixed in - other than that it's a real morning coffee.  It has some sweetness but it will wake you up.

Menthol Ice – crisp but not too sharp, very refreshing, so says my husband. Menthol isn't my thing at all so let's see what other reviewers have said on Youtube. Many agree it's the best menthol out there.

Tobacco AbsoluteAmerican tobacco blends, with an enjoyably full, woody taste, a bit tobacco sharp but not as much as Tobaco Gold. Others  were just silently  enjoying my cartomizers. Let's just say it's favorite in the house.

Tobacco Gold – blend of Burley, Oriental and Virginia, a bit sharper than tobacco, full and rounded, with a tingle of bitter and strong. My own favorite, most resembling tobacco cigarette. You could almost smell it. There's also an accompanying faint taste of  grain – it's how you can recognize a bit more VG in the mix. It fits well in here.   

Red Label Tobacco – fine  Virginia blend. If you have any hard core smokers around laughing at you for smoking on batteries, this one or two other Green Smoke tobacco flavors may even help them switch if you can get them to just give it a try.  

Very Vanilla – well done and pleasant creamy taste of vanilla.  Doesn't kill the throat hit, just smooths its edges a bit.

Apart from these six, there's also Smooth Chocolate with dark chocolate taste. 

Update: Two More Flavors

Husband digression: In the meantime, Mr.D. became tobacco free. Up until recently he used to combine 5-10 Marlboro Reds a day with his vaping. Then he got completely hooked on GreenSmoke flavors, so we ordered some more cartomizers for him. 

Another 8 packs arrived and I was happy to get my hands on two flavors that weren't in the first shipment: Smooth Chocolate and Mountain Clove.  

Smooth Chocolate - excellent and authentic flavor - warm, dark, a bit milky. I believe you won't be disappointed with that one. 

Mountain Clove - now, this might be unpredictable - I loved it from the first vape and husband didn't. Anyone can clearly recognize the clove in it. If someone gave Mountain Clove cartomizer to you and didn't tell you what's in it you'd either say  oh, there's clove, that's funny or what the heck is clove doing here, depending on whether you like the experience or not.  

All that said, neither flavor deviates from the usual high GreenSmoke quality.  

With these two, now we've got all GreenSmoke flavors covered. Our favorites remain Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Mocha Mist. 

Like with all non-tobacco flavors, personal preference counts the most. And it is an elusive factor in itself. Tobacco flavors seem to be less unpredictable in this respect.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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