GreenSmoke Affiliate Program

This program doesn't exist any more. 

GreenSmoke is one of the biggest and best brands out there. They sell cigalikes and are known for having some of the tastiest flavors, great design and a bit higher prices. Which are totally justified if you ask me.  My husband has become their regular customer so I'm still occasionally vaping their products, too.

GreenSmoke Affiliate Program doesn't fall short of the high standards they set for their products and customer service. It has everything an affiliate, whether new or seasoned, needs and expects.


GreenSmoke pays standard, recurring and tier commissions. Standard and recurring are 15%-20% of the purchase price and there's also 3- 4% tier commissions. Now, this means that your tier commission is equal to 20% of the commission earned by an affiliate who registered for Green Smoke affiliate program through your link.

About recurring commissions – other companies also have them. However, what sets Green Smoke apart in this respect are several important points related to tracking.

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  • High customer retention. I have a relatively small number of readers who bought GreenSmoke through my links but almost every one made repeated purchases. So, it is, to some extent, predictable how much in commissions I can expect from each of them annually.  A little predictability is great in unpredictable affiliate work, wouldn't you agree?
  • Their software is pretty transparent, all that without revealing of any personally  dentifiable information whatsoever. You know that the customer A bought again.  And that the new commission is from the second customer. (Who you expect will buy next month. Which he usually does.)
  • One of the most interesting features there: you can see not only the numbers of unique and returned visitors there is also another number – how many of your unique visitors picked up your cookie first. That is to say  - for how many unique visitors your link was the first GS affiliate link they clicked on. Because that's your potential customer. I haven't seen that feature anywhere else.  

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Marketing and Education

Another great thing about GreenSmoke affiliate program is that they have a pretty good and rounded system of education for affiliates.  Beside complete explanation of your affiliate software, you can find additional materials, both GreenSmoke specific and affiliate in general. 

GS marketing materials are esthetically pleasing and can really add to the look and feel of your site. There's quite a number and variety of all kinds of links, banners and page peels that you can apply in any kind of online surroundings. From marketing point of view, they are also  well thought out. 


They always inform their affiliates on new discounts, sweepstakes and everything that would improve the sales and they do that well in advance. If you have already been in any sort of affiliate program, you probably realize how important this is.  

Contests with valuable prizes are regularly held,  especially for affiliates who are good with videos.

If there's something else you need to know, you can always turn to GS affiliate manager.  David has been friendly and helpful to me since I started as a complete affiliate rookie. Green Smoke is a generous and trustworthy merchant with free samples to review and kits for giveaway if they see you are doing your best. 

They ship their products from US, UK and a number of other countries. UK and US sites that have GreenSmoke affiliate program ship worldwide, so  there are possibilities for entering new markets that you as an affiliate can consider too. 

Click on the picture to read a review of Green Smoke flavors.

Now let's go back to where I say that I have a relatively small number of GreenSmoke buyers. As you know by now, this company is a big player with a successful history. Which means they already have a number of affiliates well established on the internet. That's the situation with great companies – you need some time to build your way up, before you see any money coming your way. But it is well worth the effort once the things start rolling.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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