Gloop And Halo Short Fills

E-liquid short fills  are a relative novelty in the vaping world. These flavoured liquids with no nicotine, usually in larger 60ml bottles,  appeared on the market as an answer to the highly restrictive, completely unreasonable EU policy and their Tobacco Product Directive from 2017. TPD dictates that no nicotine liquid may be sold in bottles larger than 10ml. Thus the short fills were born and I got some from the new series UK's Ecigarettedirect  has on their site.

I had a lot of fun with them, trying out a group of flavours with and without nicotine shots. You'll find them with many others on this page

Halo and Gloop Short Fills from Ecigarettedirect UK

For those of you new to vaping, nic shots are liquids with PG, VG or a combination of them with a certain level of nicotine. The one used in this review is Plusnic, also sent to me by Ecigarettedirect. 

Vapers with direct lung vaping style will enjoy this combination of 50ml short fill with 10ml of 18mg nic shot.   

On their site, ECigaretteDirect sells these nicotine shots under the name  Plusnic Nicotine booster (30/70 PG/VG) and they say it is "designed for use with short fills. Short fills come with a space at the top of the bottle - simply tip the Plus Nic booster into the short fill and shake before use. For a stronger vape simply add more nicotine."

 That's similar to what I've been doing with it 

- I usually take 10 or 20ml of short fill and mix it with nicotine shot to make 20 and 30ml e-liquids. You don't really need to steep it or anything, just mix it, shake and it's all ready to use. 

The three flavours reviewed here were mostly my own choice from the 2 series of four  – Halo Cream Custard, Gloop Caramel Latte and Halo Tobacco Gold, all in  PG/VG 30/70 mix. For the purpose of this reveiw I used my favourite tank – Aspire Nautilus Mini with 1.8Ohm coil.

Halo Cream Custard 

If you love vanilla and taste of custard in general, this one is definitely for you- it won't disappoint. With beautiful aroma, creamy and milky taste of this delicious treat, it also gives you a plenty of vapour.

Aftertaste is sweet, but there's nothing too much or overdone about it at all. 

Also, it lasts long after vaping. With Cream Custard, Ecigarettedirect successfully continues their tradition of bringing out great cake e-liquids – this one reminds me of their wonderful Bannofee pie which still after all these years remains one of my all time favourite e-liquids ever. 

It feels as if you've just eaten your favourite creamy cake with eggs  – each region has one such, and so does mine.  

 In the picture you can see a bottle of Custard Cream e-liquid, coupled with Cremeschnitte, mildly sweet and favourite cake in this part of Europe, here  made by my best friend and regularly delivered to my house where it is thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. So this only makes a logical union. 

Cream Custard Short Fill from Ecigarettedirect UK

Gloop Caramel Latte

Here we have a nice discreet sweety smell you can  discern  only if you have your nose very close to the tip of the bottle. Unlike the creamy custard from Halo series, which is somewhat although not overly stronger, the aroma of Caramel Latte is a bit more subdued. Still the sweet aftertaste lingers on after the vape.  The vapour is opulent. 

Halo Tobacco Gold

Here's the last one of four Halo Shortfills with the following description  "A super fresh and slightly sweet tobacco rounded off with a subtle hint of citrus fruits."

More used to non-sweet tobacco variants, I can still say this one has  been a pleasant vaping experience. First and foremost intended for direct lung vapers of 3mg e-liquids, it can't have the sharpness tobacco normally has. Yet there's sufficient throat hit when you combine it with stronger nicotine content. Anyway, altthough the least favourite of the three, this flavour is quite satisfactory.

All in All

Short Fills are more than just a clever answer to TPD. They are also a nice solution for abybody who'd like to play with nicotine strengths, but prefers to leave the juice to the real mixologists. After all, we can make our e-liquids ourselves and they turn out quite vapable more often than not, but can we really create a truly enjoyable flavour? I know I haven't been able to. 

Gloop and Halo Short Fills provide plenty of vapour, with their 70/30 ratio of VG/PG which seems optimal for this purpose. Their aroma and taste are very pleasant and the sweet long lasting aftertaste just an added bonus. 


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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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