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Among the legions of  public health posers  bashing vaping with neither proof nor any shred of common sense, there is this very loud group that just can't shut up about kids. You can hear them screaming from everywhere - be it their filler anti vaping articles in internet rags posing as serious news portals,  or this lame pamphlet addressed to US President. 

but, but, but we think about our kids ...vaping increased among kids...vaping is a gateway to smoking...flavors sold in e-liquid are attractive to kids

Give me a break!

Vapers have been listening to this noise for a couple of years now, and have already covered this subject so many times that we've got sick and tired of it. However, as many times as needed, and until it finally cuts through all the lies public health posers present to the public, here goes:

1.       Vaping has increased among the high-school kids.  Here's an example of an isolated fact used in a way to keep what matters more hidden from the public eye. In this case it is a parallel decrease in smoking.

2.       Vaping is a gateway to smoking. As much as, say,  caffeine is a gateway to cocaine. Actually I bet you could find more passionate coffee drinkers turned cocaine addicts than those who started vaping and then switched to smoking. High-school kids or not.

What really happened, however, was that millions of smokers have become vapers. Some of them are high school kids. In an ideal world no one would have started smoking in the first place. But we are living in the real one, and the fist step in solving any issues here is to be aware of that.

Anti-vaping clique seems to have a huge problem with it. However, I believe this is just smoke and mirrors. Their actions aren't the result of their blindness. On the contrary, this manufactured blindness or striving for highest health standards (as they would like their actions to be seen) is nothing but a show they put up for the public and their own membership.

3.       Flavors sold in e-liquid are attractive to kids. Well, many of us adults still enjoy a good cake, Danish cookies and  icecream. Maybe you still ocassionally use a chewing gum. Sometimes when you're down, only a bar of chocolate can lift you up. Your energy bar may have banana as its main flavor, for protein powder it may be vanilla. You don't suddenly stop enjoying all these on your 18th birthday.

On the other hand, dear public health posers, even if you don't drink anything alcoholic, you are aware of all those fruit and chocolate liqueurs on the supermarket shelves, sold without anyone making any fuss. Not one of you to scream about our kids here? What is it then so special about e-liquid flavors among all this cacophony of sweetness? Are you going to ban sweet alcohol too? I mean, you should have already done it. Liqueurs don't only smell sweet; unlike e-liquid, they also taste so.  

Not that I would approve of such ban, but I'd like to ask you, public health posers:  is  there a shred of logic in your persistent anti-vaping efforts? 

What are they really after

This is not the first time and , I'm afraid, won't be the last that someone uses kids for their own manipulative agenda. For me it's just another sign that the levels public health posers are ready to stoop to here are the lowest of low.

No, I don't think anymore our kids-focusers are clueless and ideologically blind zealots. You could say that for their followers, those without influence who just don't know better.  No, our kids-focusers here, and by that I mean the upper echelon, are deliberately misleading the public by obscuring the truth. Compared with them, even zealots are decent people. At least zealots believe in something and stand up for it. Even if  dead wrong.

Kids-focusers may not all have the same (hardly) hidden agenda, but they certainly fall into one or even more of these groups:

Those writing inflammatory articles, as the lowest in this chain

Even the rookiest rookie writing for a podunk news portal knows e-cigs are a hot topic. There's a big media fight going on and vapers aren't leaving the field. With lot of comments, followed by tweets, retweets and facebook shares to expect - I honestly think that half of what's written on e-cig by these journalists and columnists is nothing but a media attention whoring. 

Still, even I comment quite often, although I am fully aware that by doing that I am helping the popularity of the undeserved to rise. However, the future of vaping is much more important than whether a media rag or a well funded crook is going to get even more attention. 

Servants of Big Pharma

The same ilk that believes it's perfectly alright to prescribe Chantix. Among its side effects listed are suicidal thoughts and, wait for it, actions! Reported to have happened much more than once. 

It's not just this piece of garbage. It's all their ineffective NRT-s we used to buy, many of us more than once. It's therapies for those of us unlucky enough to get cancer.

For Big Pharma the equation is simple. Vaping = too much money lost. They are ready to pay anybody to write anything.

A side note on Chantix: Never tried that junk and never would have. If e-cigarette hadn't appeared I'd rather have continued to unhappily smoke to the end of my, probably ten years shorter, life. Just think about it – to have something like this FDA approved and prescribed by doctors in order to get rid of something that MAY kill you (or not) but certainly  many years later than suicidal action during the therapy. Why doesn't everybody jump and shout at them: this is freaking madness! 

But Who Is Starring in This Show?

Who deserves the bigger headline?

Minders of their own, overfunded derrières, sitting in all kinds of academies, associations, legacy-s, leagues, societies, united abominations or whatever world-saving, health-minding or kid-caring moniker they use to cover their selfishness with. Under the guise of caring about public health and you guessed it, our kids, they keep clogging the media with their totally unsubstantiated anti vaping garbage.

These are the ones who made careers bashing tobacco and getting money from them at the same time. They exageratted the effects of passive smoking to such a monumentally nonsensical heights that there are places in US today where  people aren't allowed to smoke in their own homes if that home is a part of multi apartment building. The potential for smoke to seep into other units  is concerning... Massive lol. (More harm you'd get inhaling the air in a street with moderate car traffic !)

Now e-cigarettes appeared and threatened that carefully maintained pyramid of parasitism and legalized madness. So, they've gone completely, totally fruitcake (pun intended). With a chocolate on top.

Don't be mistaken, though. There's a plan in this madness.

And the plan is to do with electronic cigarettes exactly the same thing they did to passive smoking.

  • Find/fabricate something, anything that will confirm their fears  for our health  and especially our kids  are justified.
  • Repeat that ad nauseam together with all the above concern, our kids being on the top of the list.

Judging by what they made out of passive smoking,  they probably expect this to be rinse-repeat easy.  

This article is almost three years old. And, sadly, I have nothing to change here. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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