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 Review of Apollo's New EVOD Starter Kit 

Apollo's introduction of  Endeavor Kit is following the trend that recognizes EVOD's advantages. Even in my neck of woods,  eGo kits and batteries are slowly being replaced by this type of e-cig hardware. Both share the same standard  510/eGo threading, so  CE4s and higher, EVODs, Aspires, Protanks and other clearomizers are all compatible with EVOD batteries too.  Of course,  eGo aren't going anywhere either.

Update 2018: This kit is available on Apollo US site.

The main difference between the two is EVOD's flush vs eGo's protruding button, the former being easier on your finger once you get used to it. Another difference is EVOD looking prettier.

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

 The Endeavor Kit Includes:two  900mah Luminous Batteries

  • two  EVOD BDC Clearomizers (BDC stand for bottom dual coil)
  • one USB Charger
  • one  USB Car Charger
  • one  Wall Adapter
  • two  10ml Bottles of Apollo e-juice in strength and flavor of your choice! 

My review sample was kindly sent to me by Apollo with its 2 bottles, but I've tried more Apollo e-liquids lately. More on it further in this review.

What you see is a new box design with red details on a glossy white background with an elegant magnetic flap. The inside of the box looks classy with Apollo colour scheme kept. Great job done here.

Endeavor Kit Batteries

EVOD luminous battery from Apollo Endeavor Kit with 5 e-liquids - only $50.98 all together!

EVOD batteries in this kit are a pleasant surprise indeed. Being a heavy vaper that I am,  this is actually the first  900 mAh that somehow lasts me a whole day! I myself couldn't believe it!  Apollo Endeavor battery has a mechanism to prevent over-tightening of clearomizers.  Its pin will spring back to prevent such a thing. It's safe to use - I kept one charging all day long to enhance its work.

Also,there's no overheating – these batteries only get slightly warm when vaping gets more intense. 

Charging time is generally less than three hours. And not to forget: activation is standard – five clicks to activate/deactivate.

Endeavor Kit Clearomizers

Now, EVOD clearomisers have their definite PROs

  • relatively favorable price
  • obtainable practically everywhere
  • esthetically pleasing and  - what I specially like about them - you can see only a tiny bit of e-liquid. I don't know about you, but clearos displaying all e-liquid looks somehow medicinal to me. Anyway, a slight turn off. EVOD clearomizers have a tiny window, enough to assess the level of your e-liquid. 
  • This kit features BDCC – bottom dual coil clearomizers - which enhances vaping experience in relation to single coil ones.

On the other hand, with EVODs

  • You'd often need a needle bottle cap. Truth is it's very cheap and you can buy it anywhere, but you don't need it with most other clearomizers.  Sides of EVOD  are pretty narrow and standard bottles just don't allow you to fill the e-liquid in without spilling some on your fingers. That's what happens to me with EVOD and all bottles except Dekang's.

Also not much of a big deal, but you can see tiny drops of  condensed e-liquids inside the transparent mouthpiece. I don't really think this is a CON, since it reminds you to clean your clearomizers regularly. It's something people like me tend to otherwise forget.

Apollo E-liquids

Apollo e-liquids have a new, improved quality.

With this kit you get two 10ml bottles of e-liquids of your choice. That's a great advantage. Definitely, those who try to get away with selling no e-liquids with their starter kits or  - even worse! - selling them separately for 10$ a bottle, could learn something from Apolloecigs.com . 

This offer is even more enhanced by the choice you have: a selection 29 e-liquids in the drop-down menu when you order. We've tasted several of them and recommend French Vanilla and Coffee. We also liked American Cigar e-liquid. However, if you aren't a fan of an e-liquid with sweet tones or undertones, you may want to go with sharper tobacco flavors.

Generally speaking, Apollo has made a great improvement in their e-liquid department. What we ordered in January last year was almost unvapeable and, on the scale of 1-5, we gave it 1-3 for each e-liquid we tasted. Luckily, this has changed for much better. On the same scale, our assessment of their new ejuice products would range 3-5.

Plus, French Vanilla is among the best few e-juiced we've ever tried. (And we tried many, including Highbrow Vapor and many times awarded Virgin Vapor!)

Price of Endeavor Kit

Simply put, Apollo rules here. Not only with their affordable prices, but also with generous discounts it offers from time to time. You can find them on their slider. Also look at the right column of this site (or scrol down if you are a mobile user), whenever they have their usual 20-30% discounts, it's right here.

Code is applied at the checkout. While there, look at the rest of their offer. My recommendation is to try more e-liquids or, if you don't feel like buying this kit for any reason, try smaller kit from the same series. However, this one is, in my opinion, one of the truly best buys out there! If not the best one.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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