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There's No Smoke without Smoke, Mr. Routledge

You are lucky that Mirror doesn't allow comments. The content of your column on electronic cigarettes and the label - opinion - above it simply begs commenters to add the famous Dirty Harry quote. Yes, that one.

Electronic Cigarettes: There's no smoke without fire, Daily Mirror Says

I'm trying really hard to picture the following situation: for some ungodly reason, I was made to write a column on, say (and here comes brainstorming for a popular topic I know zlich about) - yes, I've got it! - baseball!

So, let's check what we have here: I've heard about first base and second base and I even know they are sometimes used with sexual connotations. But, for the life of me,  I can't remember which is which in this context, let alone in the context of the game itself. No amount of googling ever helps; I would read it and then it would sink into oblivion, somewhere towards the furthest corner of my brain.

That's exactly how much I care and know about baseball. I would probably demonstrate ridiculous lack of knowledge already in the headline:)

Meet Vapor, Mr.Routledge

And that's exactly how much Mr.Routledge cares and knows about electronic cigarettes. He has planted an awkwardly misplaced idiom in his headline. 

It's not smoke, Mr.Routledge. It's vapor. You even used the term vaping, only lightly touching the absence of combustion products, unlike in case of tobacco, all the while carefully avoiding to mention the most important issue here.

The only thing that comes close to accuracy and impartiality in your column is your reporting of WHO's and doctors' attitudes. 

On A Homework Poorly Done

Others argue that they’re less harmful than tobacco, which is certainly true, and don’t inflict “passive smoking” on other people, which is less proven.

Actually it is proven, and the experiment didn't seem tremendously complex or difficult to conduct. Here you are.  Also, (again) the use of electronic cigarettes does not and can not possibly cause any passive smoking whatsoever (sigh). Yes, you placed passive smoking in quotation marks, but since you already know the term vaping, I wonder why you didn't use it. See, what we're talking about here is passive vaping. The exposure to harmful ingredients in passive vaping is negligible. Walk down my street - one of the main streets in a small town of 20 thousand people - and you'll be exposed to more harm from car exhaust fumes.

On Beer Logic

Other than that, there's plenty of proof that you have no idea what you're talking about. Let's just consider two quotes from your masterpiece:

But the Roscoe pub in Liverpool (an excellent alehouse, by the way) bans vaping in its bars.

So new generations have to be addicted to nicotine, which makes me uneasy. We know too little about the addictive nature and potential harm to others of “vaping” to give it a clean bill of health

Nobody's asking anyone to give electronic cigarettes a clean bill of health! Nobody is claiming they are 100% safe. Nothing is. Heck, even fitness is not 100% safe. Ask my muscles and my bones and they'll tell you.

However, nowhere in your column did you care to mention why most former smokers turned to electronic cigarettes in the first place. Also, you don't seem to realize vaping is their thing. Not the thing of adult non-smokers, or non-smoking teenagers.

In the last two years, I have come across thousands of vapers on the internet. Only one or two hadn't been smokers before they started using e-cigs. So, let me shed some light on what seems to be a complete mystery to you: vapers wanted to quit smoking and couldn't find any other way that actually works. Most of them had had unsuccessful years or decades long attempts to do that.

Vaping is not just a recreational activity. It's harm reduction, you see. A very successful one, especially compared to NRTs with a dismal quit rate of less than 5%. And electronic cigarettes actually have life-saving potentials. You can find hundreds of testimonials on one place only. Here's just one thread from E-cigarette Forum. And here's a memorable quote from a respectable address.

If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.

Professor John Britton, chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians Source: BBC

 Nobody says nicotine is 100% safe. But when a pub bans e-cigarettes, I find it  ironic.

On Pitiful Sights

I find it even more ironic when a man who obviously glorifies beer, expresses the following opinion on e-cigarette users:

To my mind, grown men and women sucking on these nicotine dummies are a pitiful sight.

First of all, let me tell you this: I don't give a rat's behind about what you would think if you saw me vaping. Neither do other vapers, let me assure you. Electronic cigarettes saved me from thirty-year old addiction I've been trying to get rid of since 1985. Cold turkey, nicotine gums, knitting, you name it - I've tried it. Nothing else worked. If you cast a quick look at that forum link I provided, there are pages upon pages of similar stories.

By the way, what you said is as irrelevant as, for instance, what I say about men's fashions of today. Three sizes smaller and looks as if put on in a hurry. Am I interested in fashion? No. Am I a fashion expert? Heck, no. Will men stop wearing what they wear just because I don't like it? No, they won't and why should they.

However, fashion is a rather trivial subject compared to health. Nobody should listen to you about electronic cigarettes. This article is just trying to mitigate the damage that columns like yours do. 

Now, let me show you some really pitiful sights here, Mr.Routledge. Keep in mind I deliberately chose the least gross pictures from the wide selections of googled images.

Yeah, let's celebrate beer some more. In the meantime, let's hear your opinion of electronic cigarette makers.

Sir Walter Raleigh brought the new wonder drug tobacco from America. If he did it today, he’d be clapped in irons. Quite right, too. The makers of e-cigs might be the next in the dock.

On Pitiful Columns

MrRoutledge, I suggest you keep writing about glories of beer and other things you may care and actually know something about. If you don't know the subject but still want to write about it, leave it in your MC Word.


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