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Most visitors to this site come from US and UK.  ECigaretteDirect (also known as Smoker's Angel) from UK is one of my merchants, certainly not without competition here.

On the contrary -  all electronic cigarette companies you can see on  have high quality products and superb customer service. Two of them, GreenSmoke and Apollo e-cigs, also ship from UK.  All reputable companies and I wouldn't have it any other way since it wouldn't make any sense for my visitors and myself.

Why you should join ECigaretteDirect Affiliate Program

However, even in this elite group of successful companies, people at EcigarettesDirect stand out because they have best figured out how to

  • put forward lines of products that are complete, each and every one   
  • have an engaging website featuring research, interviews with experts, latest news etc. All content that goes far beyond  e-cigs save money, no tobacco odour and other slogans which, although true,  don't even come close to explain what e-cig benefits truly are  
  • generously give away part of their rich content which helps you with the content of your own web-site or blog 

 Ecigarette offer: each kit contains refills in two strengths 12 and 18mg. Very convenient for a starter kit, and I haven't seen anyone else has it. At least not at such favourable price.

Read my reviews of their Halo KitHalo Ultra Tank (and Halo Ultra Tank), Halo Refills

Apart from that, like with any other solid and complete affiliate program, you'll enjoy

  • standard commissions
  • tier commissions
  • recurring commissions
  • affiliate tracking, training and marketing tools
  • regular update and info on discounts, giveaways, new products and everything of interest to your business
ECigaretteDirect hosts interviews, publishes e-cig related research papers, inquiries and you can also read many genuine testimonials of happy customers

ECigaretteDirect hosts interviews, publishes e-cig related research papers, inquiries and you can also many genuine testimonials of satisfied users. Also, there are some widgets and pictures you will be allowed to use for your site content.

Now, if you are an experienced affiliate, you've probably been working mostly or only with companies paying tier and recurring commissions.

You know what I'm talking about here and don't need to read any further.  

However, if you are just starting, whether enthused by e-cig health benefits or thrilled by the opportunities of this market on the rise (or both!), take a moment to read what follows.

It's best to start with reliable merchants offering tier and recurring commissions beside  standard ones  that all other affiliate programs offer.

You are going to make tier commissions from other affiliates who click your link or banner, become affiliates themselves and start making money as such.

You are going to make recurring commissions whenever the person that clicks on your link or banner buys anything from ECigaretteDirect any time later.

You are going to enjoy both of these affiliate benefits as long as your account with ECigaretteDirect is active.

You are going to work with honest people and sincere e-cigarette enthusiasts, promoting a high quality product.

Helping people and making money - there's no better combination of reasons to start any endeavour. And no better way than to work with excellent companies like ECigaretteDirect.

Another Thing You Need to Know

When you start doing any affiliate business, there's one thing about merchants that nobody tells you:  the big ones are taken. OK, not really taken but if someone clicks  V2 or GreenSmoke banner on your site and  buys, chances are you're not making any commission from that one.

Let me explain: the affiliate who makes money is the one whose banner was clicked first. Even if it was two months before. See what I mean? There are established e-cig affiliate sites three or four years old out there and Google normally loves them more. You need time to establish yourself on page one for the keywords you're after.

Of course you'll also go with the big companies doing business worldwide if they have quality. (They normally do, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are.) However, know that you're going to wait for your first $$ from these.

In the meantime, find a few other  companies that also have great products, superb customer service and affiliate program. And you might find a gem.

So, this is where we come to Ecigarettedirect affiliate program again. If I were you, I'd go over there and apply for the membership now. 

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to ask. Contact form is below.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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