Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

One of the few beautiful things about us humans is that we are different. Sometimes, though, it works against us. This is one of these times - there simply is no "easiest way to quit smoking". Only hard or none. Until I started vaping this was true for me, but even e-cigarette doesn't work for some people.    

However, there are easy ways to push your ineffective quit smoking products if you are Pharma, and especially if you are Big. You just shovel your millions of $$ into some uninspired advertising. You don't even have to try hard. Just take a look at the collection of bromides below. Now you're here, you may want to read our little twitter conversation as well.

easiest way to quit smoking
easiest way to quit smoking
easiest way to quit smoking

Yup, there's this Clint Eastwoodesque guy in the first picture. But why does he have only half a brain? Maybe to better absorb all @nicorette generic drivel, without the pesky cerebral distraction?

As you can see, there are groups upon groups of people with their hands high. Worshipping something? Oh, yes, their new freedom. 

A delicate matter that requires personalized attention

Wait, there's more! Not only does this wonderful company love you as a group, they are also ready to give you their "personalized attention". Even if you ask tricky questions like this one twitter pal of mine who has this addiction to making twitter users from the Big Three uncomfortable.

You've got all sorts of things from the wonderful company. All but one - reliable statistics of their success rate. The same thing my twitter pal asked about before he was promised "personalized attention". 

So, without humbly requested numbers, what's left for us is just anectodal evidence. Although, I must say that my sample, however anectodal, is as high as the ones used in several public health studies on similar issues, if not higher.

You see, I know hundreds of smokers, tens of cold turkey quitters and exactly 0 (zero) of those who quit with Nicorette. Like I said in the tweet, I had tried them repeatedly, sometimes even for days, though most often it was just to survive the environments where I couldn't smoke for more hours. Success was there but only temporary. 

You bet they'd say in their "personalized attention" follow-ups and downs that I didn't commit. Meaning I didn't pay enough attention to their half-assed attempts to motivate people with their run-of-the-mill vapidity as seen above.

Point is - we all committed, all of us who used to smoke but don't do it anymore. 

Some quit cigarettes successfully, but a good part of us didn't until we started vaping. I was cigarette free for 20 months once, before relapsing for the n-th time. Only now, after 5 years of vaping, can I safely say I won't go back to smoking. Finally.

Another point is we all committed but I have yet to meet someone who made it with Nicorette. 

We may have just a little problem here

A colleague of mine who was also a smoker on a heavier side, after quitting nicorette but not cigarettes, said she did so for fear she would get addicted to them while remaining a smoker.  Which reminds me to insert this clip where Paltrow's character explains how she quit nicotine gum and seems quite proud of the achievement. Maybe that can help someone, lol.

Now, mind you, these gums are not some obscure product sold only in Middlesex where the Wonderful Company (GSK) resides. Every pharmacy, including those in thicker necks of woods than mine, has this product on their shelves. Google it and you'll have pages of Nicorette marketing for your country exclusively. Thing is they've been peddling this product for years with the same quit smoking advertising. 

If they said - endure courtesy visit to your non-smoking relatives without stress, or sneak your gum into your tedious business seminar and enjoy some stealth chewing, I'd say KUDOS.

If they said don't freeze outside a restaurant with a cigarette and other poor smoking devils on a cold dark winter night, I'd say more power to you. As if they didn't have enough. Because this is exactly what Nicorette accomplishes with flying colours and telling a little bit of truth probably wouldn't hurt. It would make Nicorette a useful product worth the money.

But heck no. They don't want just a truckload of money. They want to be perceived as saviors with "personalized attention" to their shee... customers. Big Hype. That's how they got so big in the first place. That and the relatively high gullibility of the public in western countries willing to believe whatever is said on "their tv".  

Update: Interesting details, thanks to @bakerbee1 from Twitter, Nicorette Quickmist spray, other ingredients. When BigPharma uses PG - it's a normal, decent, innocent propylene glycol. When vaping industry uses it, it's  danger, Antifreeze!!! 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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