EGo E-cigs

EGo e-cigs are one type of mid-size e-cigs or electronic cigarettes of the second generation. 

They have been extensively vaped throughout the world. More sub-types are being developed every year - different battery capacities and designs and compatible with various new and old cartomizers and clearomizers. Generally easy to use, of eGo e-cigs come in all variations and strengths.

For those looking for a specific type of eGo battery, click the pics if you want to read our reviews.

Left is Apollo eGo VV (variable voltage) that comes in a nice box with its own charger. One of our favorites, lasted for months. Capacity 650mAh, voltage variable and adjustable in 0.1 increments. Iron clad one-year warranty. Bought from Apollo. 

In the middle are Smoktech ego Winder VV (900mAh) and eGo VV 1300 mAh, decent quality and strong. Both have dials at the bottom to adjust the voltage in five levels, from 3.2 to 4.8.

Right are standard eGo batteries with unregulated voltage, the ones most of us started with. Still sold everywhere, at prices more favorable than ever. 

They are a very cost-effective option. Plus they provide very thick  vape and have a larger battery capacity, you don't need to recharge them a whole day or even longer.  

Another advantage of this size battery in general is that  you can customize your experience endlessly to fit exactly what you are looking for. More precisely, like with any other e-cigarette of the second generation, you can combine two or more e-liquids to adjust:

  • nicotine strength (anywhere from 0 - 36 mg)
  • flavor - using e-liquids instead or prefilled cartridges (cartomizers), you can mix and match them to your preference
  • PG/VG ratio - experts say 80:20 is good both for you and your cartomizers, but you should adjust it to your taste. I've started using 50/50 lately. First I vaped 75/25, but noticed it was too dry for me. Some people may even be alergic to Propylene Glycol - they can take 100% Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid instead. 
left to right: eGo-T 1000mAh x 2, Apollo eGo VV 650 mAh, Apollo eGo Superior 900mAh and eGo VV from China with various cartomizers/clearomizers

One more advantage - eGo e-cigs are sold everywhere, so you can buy parts of it from US, UK and China and know that they all fit together. Just make sure it's thread 510 (the most common thread eGo e-cigs have).

If it sounds like fun to you, let's see how it works.  You can buy eGo e-cigs in a kit or in parts. It's easy, you just have to know what you need:

- eGo battery - buy two, so you have one spare when the first one needs to be recharged. Some retailers offer a 3 month warranty on eGo e-cig battery. And if properly used it can last much longer, six months and even more.

- a few clearomizers – see pics below (If you want to know more about any of these, click the picture to read our review).

UPDATE: In the meantime, new clearomizers were developed with separate coil heads (part of atomizer). This means that you don't need to keep buying clearomizers any more - what you buy for most of them are  are coil heads, either per piece or in five packs. Their price is usually around $10 dollars per pack, so even if a clearomizer is a bit more expensive, you can use one for months and just replace its coil heads. 

Aspire BDC
Kanger Aerotank
Protank 3
Glass Clearos
Clear 510
Vivi Novas

Refilling is simple for any of these. For most of them you don't need anything to help you.

For some, like CC510 and a couple of other small ones, you can use a needle cap you can buy with your supplies, screw it on the bottle, and remove the top of your clearomizer. Now use the needle to insert e-liquid into the clearomizer through one of the side holes and fill it up but not all the way to the top.

USB charger and eGo-T battery

When the battery runs out, simply unscrew the clearomizer and screw the battery into the charger.

This type eGo-T has the battery blue light blink  a few times when it needs charging. While it's being charged, there's a red light on the usb charger. When it's over, the charger light turns green. 

Most mid-size e-cigs have a manual battery, which means when you want to vape you have to press the battery button and hold it. If you want to turn off the battery, just press it five times. Do the same when you want to turn it on.

There are other types of mid-size e-cigs, like KGo but eGo ecigs are by far the most popular. 

I have had my e-cigs shipped from China a few times, but I don't really recommend that - you never know what quality you might get. 

In UK you can also buy eGo e-cigs with ECigaretteDirect (direct link to ultra tank kit, two eGo batteries and three ce4 clearomizers + 2 bottles of e-liquid of your choice). They have Halo Super and Ultra Tank kits and some absolutely great e-liquids .

If you are in US, check out Apollo e-cigs.This is the direct link to Apollo Superior eGo Battery.

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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