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Here's our lineup of E-cigarette recommendations for UK. Apart from being reviewers, we are also customers of these companies. 

Let's start with this cigalike kit for those who aren't ready to give up visual aspect of smoking. A battery with cartomizer at the top is only slightly bigger than a cigarette. Tobacco flavour is solid, menthol also. Battery lasts for hours, cartomizer ("filter") with e-liquid filling - even longer.

This kit is now sold as Halo Cigalike Bundle

It contains two 180mAh batteries and USB charger plus a pack of 5 prefilled cartomizers. You can choose between tobacco and menthol, there are no other flavors. Strengths are 0-6-12-18mg nicotine.

If you want to check it out, click the picture to go to Ecigarettedirect. If you want to know more about our experience with it, read this review.

Number 2 is a good starter kit for beginners who are also heavy smokers. Now, just one thing: if you want to buy extra coils, make sure you buy exactly the 1.0 Ohm MTL. This is mouth to lung vaping (imitates cigarette smoking).

I love both JacVapour batteries we have in the house. You may want to read the review of this kit.

Jac Vapour s22 -What's in it 

- 2600mAh battery, dimensions H82mm, W 22mm, L27mm, voltage 3.1 - 3.8 and more, connection 510 

- 2ml topfill tank with airflow  adjustment dial, removable tip which is not standard, but an adapter for 510 standard tips can be purchased separately 

-1.0 Ohm MTL (mouth to lung) single vertical S-coil

- USB charger, with passthrough functionality 

- small user manual 

3. This is a disposable product for those who don't want hassle of refilling, but still prefer something that will last for a while. Depending on your style and quantity of smoking, this can last anywhere between 3 days to 5 and if you are a light smoker (smoke less than a pack a day), it will last you a whole week or so. Aroma is cigar like, mildly aromatic, it's strong enough but not too much and if you order 6, one of them will be free for you.

My uncle has been using it for months now. Click to read a review.

Apollo e-cigar - great for cigar enthusiasts who want to make a switch to vaping but not only for them

Try Apollo E-cigar

Although experienced vaper, I never really cared about e-cigars, but this fine product really changed my mind about the whole thing. Plus, there is a number of smokers who find the whole refillable business nothing but a hassle (hey, we are that different!) and they also find cigalikes unsatisfactory mainly for their limited capacity. My advice would be to try this.

 Apollo e-cigar UK site

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Smoker's Angel/EcigaretteDirect

JacVapour S22 Vape Kit
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Click on the pictures above to see the reviews of their products. Also, visit our sections of clearomizers and batteries  to find their newer products, Aspire and other brands.

Ecigarettedirect a.k.a. Smoker's Angel is a very reliable supplier with the most complete starter kits on the market and always some discounts on the menu. Go right there by clicking one of these listed below or read on.

Our reviews on their products cover  much of what this company offers at the moment - both cig-alikes and pen-style, flavour cartomisers and e-liquid. So, here I'd like to draw your attention to some excellent deals.

Apollo E-cigs UK 

Apollo carries sub-ohm kits, EVOD kits, all kinds of e-liquids, whether their own or from other manufacturers. Very cost-effective kits, both in terms of initial and recurring costs.

Alos, Apollo has  two cig-lookalike kits - Standard Kit for light smokers and Extreme for those on heavier side.  I really recommend this kit.

Find some of our reviews on Apollo Products by clicking the pictures below.

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