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E-cigs in UK

Here's our lineup of vaping recommendations for UK and EU. Of course e-cigs in UK are today sold on many other venues, but, apart from being reviewers, we are also customers of these companies. Which means, some of the items below we bought, other were sent to us by companies to review them.

Smoker's Angel/EcigaretteDirect

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UK Made E-liquids Review

Click on the pictures above to see the reviews of their products. Also, visit our sections of clearomizers and batteries  to find their newer products, Aspire and other brands.

Ecigarettedirect a.k.a. Smoker's Angel is a very reliable supplier with the most complete starter kits on the market and always some discounts on the menu. Go right there by clicking one of these listed below or read on.

Our reviews on their products cover  much of what this company offers at the moment - both cig-alikes and pen-style, flavour cartomisers and e-liquid. So, here I'd like to draw your attention to some excellent deals.

Apollo E-cigs UK 

Apollo carries sub-ohm kits, EVOD kits, all kinds of e-liquids, whether their own or from other manufacturers. Very cost-effective kits, both in terms of initial and recurring costs.

Alos, Apollo has  two cig-lookalike kits - Standard Kit for light smokers and Extreme for those on heavier side.  I really recommend this kit.

Find some of our reviews on Apollo Products by clicking the pictures below.

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