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Some people stand behind the idea that more e-cigarette research is needed. Others are trying to hide behind it.

The italicized opinion you've probably heard more than once deserves an article on its own and I'll tell you why in a moment. You can read it in the right places, motivated by honest intentions and followed by honest effortsHowever, more often than not, you can also hear it from electronic cigarette opponents when they want to sound official which they mostly are and impartial which they aren't at all. 

Something tells me this is going to get even worse.  As the latter group is increasingly being left without any shred of what might resemble a sound evidence, you can bet that they are going to use this suddenly discovered tremendous need for newer and ever longer-term studies and research, only to buy themselves some more time. During which they will do their best to impose new restrictions and media bashing on e-cigarette, trying to scare as many smokers away from a device that truly has the potential to save their health or what's left of it.

It has already been proven that passive vaping harm is negligible. Scientists and doctors openly say things like the health risk of vaping relative to smoking is 4:100 or that e-cigarettes could save  millions of lives!

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                                  From Dr.Polosa's interview to Ashtray Blog - click

Now, don't get me wrong here. Like I already said, I approve of scientific research, especially in the field of tobacco harm reduction where e-cigarettes belong. If it weren't for scientists like Dr.Farsalinos, Dr.Polosa, Dr.Siegel and others, e-cigarette would have probably already been banned.  

Nothing bothers me when a scientist says more research is needed in e-cigarette field.  It really is needed for some aspects of e-cig use and e-liquid composition. And nobody in their right mind would be opposed to that.

However, there is one thing, one blind spot that anti-ecig crowd is trying to cultivate among people. They want to obscure what's obvious to us vapers but what general public might not be sure about:  more research is NOT needed to prove that, healthwise, e-cigarette is a product far superior to tobacco cigarette. That's what they are trying to hide from the public. When they open their mouths to say their research mantra, this truth that we all know and have experienced is what they want to erase or blur.

You see, their mantra is very convenient. Anyone can use it, anytime. It's like  my home-gym equipment. A yoga mat, two blocks, two sets of weights and a few other small items.

  • It's cheap (and I don't mean research, but telling that more of it is   needed) 
  • it's there, always at disposal 
  • anyone can use it including my mother, and
  • no one can say it's harmful. On the contrary,
  • everyone in their right mind will agree we need more of it,
  • and as far as our funds allow, we'll probably be pursuing it.

So FDA, MHRA, WHO, EU and other abbreviated behemoths may need another century of research to reach the conclusions we already have. From our own experience, from experiences of people around us, thousands upon thousands on the internet, and scientists who have already done all the research needed to prove that e-cigarettes are magnitudes safer than tobacco cigarettes.

For everything else, more research is needed, indeed!                         

Funny thing though, according to their own public utterances, e-cig opponents regularly display highest levels of blatant disregard or ignorance when it comes to the already existing and widely available research results. This is actually one of the reasons why so many vapers write angry comments on the internet. It's not just that they are, as expected, passionate about vaping. It's a justified resentment at the patent lies and misinformation they've been reading.  

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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