More Reasons Why E-cigarette

- with electronic cigarette, you can easily regulate the level of nicotine you inhale and, if you want and are able to, reduce it gradually. There are e-liquids and refills with zero nicotine, so you can try it, as well. Who knows, it just might work in your case!

Even if you don't change the level of your nicotine intake, you have done a tremendous favour to yourself, since you'll be left with only one unhealthy and addictive substance, unlike all the others contained in tobacco.

- with e-smoking people around you are not subject to any second-hand smoke. No more avoiding visits to your non-smoking friends who like to see you, but don't allow you to expose them and their place to all these beauties you see on the right and a few thousand more. 

- e-cigarette is inflammable. I sincerely hope you haven't made any major damage with your tobacco cigarettes, but I bet there are at least few minor ones somewhere on your furniture, unless you change your sofas, chairs, tables, washing machines and dishwashers every year. Shall I post some pictures of our home here? (smiley)

- with electronic cigarette, you really can say good bye to your smoking addiction. Of course, I know some smokers who successfully quit cold turkey years ago and I admire them. However, despite all my honest and repeated attempts to quit in the last three decades, lasting from 1 week to almost 2 years once, I am not one of them. My husband, who hasn't even tried to quit, is not one of them either, and millions of others as well. We knew we needed real help to quit and not some expensive big pharma fads. And the real help has finally arrived.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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