E-cigarette Becoming Mainstream

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Although we don't see it yet, e-cigarette becoming mainstream is inevitable. Considering all its beneficial effects, this should have happened a couple of years ago.

Heck, there is an invention very similar to e-cigs as we know them today  which dates  back to 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert invented electronic cigarette back then. But nobody was interested. Of course, Big Pharma,  Big Tax and Big Tobacco were not anxious to lose their moolah to this new thing.

What has been working in favor of e-cigarette becoming mainstream

1. New brands and styles have been developing steadily - this is a truly fast growing industry! Sometimes, like in the case of CE4 and CE5 clearomizer versions popping up every week at some point, it's confusing to follow up even for the most experienced of vapers!

As for the present smokers who've tried e-cig but didn't like it, there's a good chance for them to find their brand some time in the future.

2. Despite anti e-cig media frenzy, the number of vapers has been growing steadily and there are millions of them at the moment. This is a seriously active bunch, whether a part of some vaping community or not. Just take a look at any internet article in the mainstream media with anti e-cig tones: it's usually followed by dozens or even hundreds of comments.

People are sick and tired of lies and manipulations. They also want to warn smokers about the harmful effects of such articles, probably ordered by the Big Three Lobby. More often than not , commenters are far more knowledgable about the topic than authors. (Which also speaks volumes about journalism today in general)

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3. E-cigarette is a simple device. This very fact works directly against all those who'd prefer not to see it endangering their selfish interests. You can ban it – and  people will find a way to make it at home. Not to mention e-liquid DIY practice which already has a good number of the dedicated.   

Of course, this may lead to accidents – there has been and always will be someone not doing his or her homework properly. Which will, unfortunately, only add to the existing number of people whose health and even lives are endangered by tobacco. These people would be saved if only the actions of the Big Three weren't so blatantly opposed to public health they pretend to protect! 

What has been working against e-cigarette becoming mainstream

1.Big Pharma, Big Tax and Big Tobacco  - and I believe I got the order right -  have been doing everything in their power to prevent vaping from becoming widespread.  They already have had some success in slowing down its acceptance among smokers,  through consistent abuse of TV, internet, and press. However, they can not slow down its development.

2. We can expect imposing ridiculously expensive certifications on electronic cigarette industry. This aims to put little players out of the game and leave more space for Big Tobacco to take over.  

3. Also, the Big Three are already voting - through their political puppets  - for equally preposterous laws, aiming to ban use of e-cig in public (although a solid scientific proof exists that there's no such thing as harm from passive vaping). In EU they are busy lumping e-cig together with tobacco products and imposing the same restrictions on both.

E-cigarette Becoming Mainstream - Lefties Becoming Extreme

The ultimate absurdity is that such initiatives come directly from parties supposed to have people's social and health well being close to their hearts (social democratic and green). These are constantly whining about e-cigarette lobby sending them free samples or abusing them with e-mail and twitter messages. Well, of course they do – e-cigarette lobbyists somewhat naively suppose that today's left wing politicians are honourable but clueless about e-cig. They are neither - that's my humble opinion.

The lefties are also harping about e-cig not being researched enough, which is a half-lie  anyone can effectively use  ad nauseam for whatever cause is  espoused. You see, as far as science goes – you can research the heck out of anything for centuries to come and as long as there are sufficient funds, no one in their right mind would object to it.

On the other hand, e-cigarette has been researched ENOUGH to prove that -healthwise - it is a product far superior to tobacco which has been researched more than enough, proved totally unhealthy and fatal in many cases, but hasn't been banned!

Not that I am for any tobacco  ban – such a move would be counter productive anyway -  this is just to show the overall hipocrisy of the left  wing today. It pains me since I've had left political inclinations all my life (and now am left clueless as to who to vote for anymore).  I can only imagine all those courageous, deceased lefties turning in their graves at this sad and sorry sight of their whining and - how shall I put it – not so intelligent political descendants!  I don't believe that serving the side so blatantly wrong as the Big Three here is a smart move. Even when it includes some short-term benefits to the puppets.. .erm...servants.

However, I am optimistic about e-cigarette becoming mainstream. It's just that we'll have to wait some time to see that. Like I said, e-cig genius is in its simplicity, and that's why it has been accepted and improved by so many today.  As for the oponents, they may win a few battles here and there. But war – they have already lost it.

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