Driptonic e-Liquid Review

A lot has been going on with Apollo e-liquids since they started serious work on it two years ago -  Apollo Signature,  Lindbergh and Driptonic series appeared and even their regular juice has improved in quality. They have a modern facility in California and juices are made with 100% food safe ingredients and laboratory grade nicotine.. They are offered in 16ml and 30ml bottles, and 0-3-6-12mg nicotine levels.

Apolloecigs kindly sent me three e-liquids for this review - among ten of them I chose Imperial Milk, Viva Las Nanas and American Pie, based on their ingredients as I saw it on their site. 

Driptonic e-liquid is, according to the company, meant primarily for those who use RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and vape at higher wattages. That's why the highest nic level they make is 12mg.

This review, on the other hand, is  meant to show how these juices work with more humble vaping sets I normally use. Since Driptonic e-juice can also be used with Aspire Nautilus  and newer Kangers - Aerotank and Protank series, I decided to test it with my Aspire Mini and Protank 3.

What the Fa-Q?

Apolloecigs, makers of this ejuice have recently changed the name of this series from Driptonic to Fa-Q and I'm certainly glad that I review vaping stuff and not naming skills, unless this was meant as a message to you-know-who. In that case, the name is spot on. Yes, I'm looking at you, #publichealth. Anyway, it turns out the juice is way better than the name would suggest.

Driptonic e-liquids come in nice pyrex glass bottles with a dripper. 

The smell is wonderful. Even my mother, who doesn't want to vape anything but cigalikes with strictly tobacco liquid, says the fragrances are beautiful and it smells like the best cake shop out there. 

Driptonic e-liquid is mostly VG, the percentage of which ranges from 70-80+. It seems they at Apollo tried to maximize the amount of vapor so there's  as little PG as possible.  However I don't see any issues with my Protank 3 with BDC in it (for newbies: that's older variant of coil head compatible with Protank 3 and Kanger Aerotank).

Buy Driptonic (Fa-Q) in US                                  Buy Driptonic (Fa-Q) in UK

Imperial Milk - Dragon Fruit&Cream

First, it looks fantastic. Color is that of a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, perhaps a nuance lighter. Picture doesn't do it much favor, I'm afraid.

It smells great and the smell is familiar and new at the same time. I had to google dragon fruit cause I've never tried one. They say it's like kiwi but milder. But then we eat different kinds of kiwi, I guess. Point is even if you too don't know what it is, you'll love it. The only reason not to may be if you want only tobacco e-liquids. 

However the fruit it is and there's  cream made with it. It's smooth, gives plenty of vapor and leaves a certain amount of warm sensation in the mouth although nothing was getting warmer in my vaping set.

Driptonic (Fa-Q) e-liquid - Imperial Milk - Review

 It leaves a taste of a masterchef cake  behind. It's like those Vienna cakes, much cream, never too sweet. Now if you've never tried cakes in Vienna, sorry, every one of us is new at something. Throat hit is mild, there is just a tad of sharpness here.

Important: Before you buy anything at Apolloecigs, check if they have any discount codes. It's either in my right column or on their slider.

Viva Las 'Nanas (Banana&Peanut Butter)

Just a few days ago, I reviewed Five Pawns Grandmaster e-liquid which has the same basic ingredients - banana and peanut butter (with a mild addition of caramel). Unlike Grandmaster, which has a throat hit even if not too strong, Viva Las Nanas has hardly any.

Driptonic (Fa-Q) ejuice review - Viva Las 'Nanas

Now the tad of sharpness I mentioned when talking about Imperial Milk is completely gone here. This is more creamy and mellow. While the juice before has a mild sweetness only around its edges, this one is bathing in it and leaving it behind.  Nothing over the top, just a combo that will appeal to those who don't care about the throat hit. And to those who  like their e-juice more on the sweet side. If that's your thing, I believe this juice has the power to improve your mood.

Since the site is using metaphors to describe the liquids, without much success, I'm afraid – why shouldn't I try – it's like  a whole sunny day left to enjoy, after a busy morning in which all the work has been done.

American Pie

The only one of the three left from the Driptonic series and it looks different from previous two in color, which is now not clear anymore but almost opaque. Cinammon is the main note in everything - color, smell and taste. It gives this e-liquid just a bit of sharpness and a bit of throat hit that previous juice was completely missing. Then there's apple pie giving your vaping its crusty and warm feeling. All in all, not as wonderful as previous two, but a very good one.

In A nutshell

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which only proves that Driptonic e-liquid can be appreciated even without RDAs and high power sub-ohm vaping. Like in case of Five Pawns e-liquid, all the stuff that is definitely not on the cheap side – if you can vape it without going sub-ohm, by all means do it. You'll spend less juice per day, which means you'll enjoy it longer. 

You won't find much relevant description on the site, except maybe in some customers' comments. Someone was trying to be poetic and deliver little stories of decisive battles, dragons, casinos and whatnot. Unlike most other review stuff on the net, e-liquid descriptions can stand piling up of metaphors and adjectives, but these should be such that anyone is able to recognize them in the juice.

Pros, Cons & Where to Buy


  • tasty flavor                             
  • wonderful smell
  • large amount of vapor
  • Pyrex glass bottles


  • price, but there's no point in moaning about it

Where to Buy 

At Apolloecigs, of course and make sure you  watch for their discounts. They often have some. Right now you can pile up the juices at 25% discount, code is BULKUP. When this discount is over, you'll find codes for either in my right column or right on their side, somewhere in the slider. 

Buy Driptonic (Fa-Q) in US                   

Buy Driptonic (Fa-Q) in UK

Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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