Let me make this clear – where I live, it's tough to get admitted to medical studies.  It's even tougher to complete them. Only the smartest and most dedicated can make it. I don't have first hand info about other countries, but it's probably same or similar. Also, for some physicians employed in our crumbling public health system the work conditions are getting worse with each passing year. These people have my respect and this post is not about them in general. 

With that out of the way, let me introduce the subject matter.

WCTOH2018 or World Conference on Tobacco or Health (sic!), fondly nicknamed Tobacco Control Woodstock ended last week but left us with echoes from various chambers all over the Internet. Another very special group revealed itself, either dispensing quackery advice or just being its usual arrogant self.

So, let's look at one of such examples of self-elevated humanity

Him docsplaining it to the sheeple

"Astroturfing" aside, the first thing you notice is condescension. He has things to explain to "the politicaly naive".  Assuming that the same group wanted to listen to him at all in the first place, insulting them in advance wouldn't help the reception of the message. Genius.  

It just helps the good Doctor feel better about himself, I suppose. Now, I don't feel the need to explain anything to him. I know that he either knows what this is all about and lies on purpose or his ideological blindness has rendered him incapable of understanding anything about vaping advocacy. (Yet he's talking about it). The only thing I don't know is which of the above two is worse.

Since I don't need to explain anything to him, which would normally require a decent and respectful approach he obviously didn't give to the "politically naive", I find myself completely free from any obligation to show respect to the Big Kahuna here.

Do you understand what "grassroots" means

Astroturfing is a label that astrodocs and other public health posers have been trying to attach to the ever growing number of vapers on social media who just happen not to like when someone badmouths them or vaping. 

This astrodoc understands well it's a movement but here's what he doesn't get - it consists of people of whom more than 90% used to smoke for years or decades. 

Bulk Eliquid

Most of them tried to quit repeatedly using one or more  methods from the long list, starting with cold turkey, continuing with nicotine gums and patches and going all the way to extremely risky Chantix with its variations that some quacks prescribed to their patients. These smokers failed, repeatedly. Many of them had coughs, COPD and other smoking realted ailments and diseases.

It was then that electronic cigarettes appeared in their life and changed everything! They quit just like that and soon enough they started to experience an improvement in their health and general wellbeing.

After such experience people want to tell the world about it. People want to help others, known or unknown, doesn't matter. After they turned vapers, some went on to open vape shops with whatever funds they had. Some of us created websites, you tube videos, spent countless hours on our content and its distribution. Some didn't do any of it but are present on social networks where we all meet legions of other vapers but we also meet the other side.

That damn vaping

We meet people who are ready to neglect whatever their profession stands for, only to bury vaping because they see it as a threat to the position they have been enjoying all their life, related to finances, status or both.

Vaping threatens all those parasitic anti-smoking organisations with pompous names like Truth Initiative (changed from also pompous American Legacy Foundation) because it leaves them without central position in smoking cessation, the one in which they didn't do much anyway except spend lavish funds, despite their relentless self-aggrandizing in the media. 

It also threatens all those fixtures firmly entrenched anywhere in public health or universities, because more vaping means less smoking and it's becoming more obvious they themselves haven't had much to do with less smoking part of this or any other equation.

It threatens some other forces in countries' and public life, but these two  above are the places where our astrodocs mostly dwell. And these are the people who have  been very well funded in return for churning their "research" and "studies, awarded for their contribution to non-smoking with higher positions and prestige. 

What they just don't get

This is exactly why they have a hard time understanding that we're doing all our advocacy for free. Nobody's paying me to write this post. Nobody's paying me to tweet. Actually, the more posts like this I write, and the more time I spend on twitter advocating vaping, the less time is left for me to promote the products of my merchants. 

Yet, for some reason, our astrodoc here is convinced we are  paid to call him and his buddies on their bs. I can't even imagine myself doing it for money. Nor can I imagine anyone, merchant or not, asking me to do that. Why would they - their goal is to sell their products so they can stay in business. Which only makes sense when you have your own business to take care of.

This is another point our astrodocs don't understand. They have never had to worry where their money is coming from. They were never really making it, they are just getting theirs. Therefore, you can bet your farm that no law or regulation they have ever advocated  would have any concern for producers and sellers. 

They have never had any concern for smokers either. Which is clear in his tweet - he is ready only to join his buddies in the important job of waiting for whatever "science evidence" fits them. Smokers are free to die before His Highness decides to end the waiting.  

These are the the very groups of people providing the taxes going to astrodocs and their organizations and foundations. And this here is a textbook example of how the clowns say thank you to them. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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