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Review of Aspire BDC, Aspire Mini, Aspire ET and Aspire ET-S

Aspire BDC, which means bottom dual clearomisers,  are indeed an advancement in relation to both BCC (bottom coil clearos) and all clearomisers with coil heads near the top like CE4s, CE5s, ViVi Novas and other. Their  dual coils are intended to enhance the throat hit in relation to single coils while keeping the vapor production better than top coil clearomizers. The draw is indeed smooth without gurgling and leaking issues that sometimes occur when you use bottom coil clearomizers.

This review covers four versions of Aspire clearomizers out of which we have tested three.

Aspire ET-S and ET

Aspire ET-S silver and blackAspire ET-S from our collection
Aspire ET clearomizerAspire ET

Two upgrades have appeared after Aspire BDC and Mini we wrote about while ago. First news was Aspire ET (right), which has a different shape but the same materials (left) and the newest and best Aspire ET-S (left) which kept the form of the previous versions but features glass plus metal casing instead of plastic. 

Aspire ET-S Clearomizer

  • tank tube with viewing window 
  • tank base
  • tank top piece with drip tip
  • coil head 2.1 ohm

Technical Info

  • Pyrex tank and protective metal casing
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • hard wearing metal threads
  • bottom coil design

We haven't tried Aspire ET which is a bit cheaper, but since it's plastic nobody likes here, we jumped right to the glass and metal coated Aspire ET-S.

It doesn't only look good, but also brings some refreshing improvements. There were issues with the first version which you can read below and  which the new version successfully solved.

  • larger capacity
  • better materials (glass, metal casing)  
  • filling it with juice and screwing it back on has been made very easy 

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From Old Review on Aspire BDC and Mini

We've been using  both variants – Standard BDC and Mini - for weeks now. First some technical details and differences

  • They both come with the same replaceable dual coil head - 1.8 Ohm ratings (you can get 2.1 Ohm head too). These you can buy in 5 packs but you can also purchase them per piece
  • Standard has 1.8ml and mini - 1ml capacity. In the picture you can see that Mini is specially designed for Smoker's Angel and slightly differs from other Minis on the market.
  • CE5 Aspire has a removable mouthpiece (drip-tip) than can be taken apart, Mini doesn't.
  • CE5 Aspire's tank has double markings, so you can measure e-liquid level in both positions, Mini has no markings at all.
  • both are compatible with eGo and EVOD batteries

The issue you might have is that the coil head would get loose if the threaded end cap isn't screwed properly. So you need to check it's pushed tightly into the bottom cap before you screw the cap back on. If you don't do it, there might be leakage or the device just wouldn't work.

Also the bottom cap doesn't always  screw on the battery easily. (watch the simple instructions on how to fill this clearomizer below) I observed the latter issue in standard BDC but not in Mini which has the bottom cap that pretty smoothly screws onto the rest of it.

Don't let the tank run dry if you want to avoid burnt wick or leaking. Refill when liquid level is about one third of the tank.

We've been testing these for weeks now and what we find is the relative durability of replaceable coil heads. They last for two weeks at least unlike the BCC coil heads we use for Kangers and Davide clearomisers.

As for the looks, the standard BDC slightly resembles CE5 but this is where similarities end. First thing I noticed is a high quality of plastic looking more like a pyrex glass than the material used for CE4 and CE5 tanks. Only when you unscrew the Mini Aspire BDC clearomiser,  you'd be able to see the difference between this plastic and pyrex glass.  

Speaking of Mini design, it's beautiful. I can compare it only to Davide Mini and these two are the best looking clearomisers in my collection. This and the smoothly fitting bottom cap are the reasons why I prefer the Mini and am not such a great fan of standard BDC.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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