Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Nothing is safe in absolute terms. However, if we are talking about electronic cigarette safety, and considering that almost all vapers are ex-smokers, it is a matter of common sense to compare vaping with smoking. And in this comparison, electronic cigarette wins manyfold - it is twenty (20!) times safer than tobacco.

For a variety of reasons, easily traceable if you follow the money, Big Pharma and Big Government, aided by some quit-smoking and quasi research organizations, associations and societies half of which are clueless while the other half is just plain selfish, have been persistently trying to equate vaping and smoking in the eyes of general public. 

Unfortunately, with their excessive funding and media presence, their attempts have been successful. Actually, considering their bogus arguments which can be disputed by my cat, we can safely say that their success is stellar, as seen  below in the table provided by US National Cancer Institute. 

Respondents were given this sentence to finish 

Compared to smoking cigarettes, would you say that electronic cigarettes are…

National Cancer Institute's Table

So, while vaping is 20 times less harmful than smoking, the public obviously thinks otherwise. Only 5% of them know the truth.

This is frustrating. I've come accross thousands upon thousands of vapers' comments, articles, messages, all trying to debunk lies about vaping. There is no community under the sun that has put more efforts into correcting the misconceptions about whats and whys of what they do. 

However, the big Three aided by public health posers are still winning this game. 

Big Tobacco - Big Money

It's time we delve a bit deeper into what motivates them for a relentless propaganda hardly seen anywhere before.  

are electronic cigarettes safe

Tobacco industry has been stigmatized for decades and for a good reason. However, based on my "anectodal evidence" of hundreds upon hundreds of second hand smokers who lived long after their smoker partner died and well into the 80's (mostly women), I firmly believe that the effects of second hand smoke have been largely exaggerated. The only cases where they could have really bad consequences were people working in pubs and similar venues if these were without proper ventillation. Anyway, this is quite different from the time of 40s to 60s when Doctors not only smoked Camels but also recommended it. And when you weren't the man if you weren't Marlboro Man. 

Let us not forget that it was exactly the time when Herbert Gilbert's 1963 invention of electronic cig was put on the shelf and forgotten. 

However, this point needs to be made - unlike Big Tobacco who'd sincerely like you to live long not because of their products but in spite of them, and also to have superb genetics, this is not really in Big Government's interest. 

Big Government - Even Bigger Money

According to statistics, smokers live a decade shorter, and these are exactly the years when almost all of them are retired. If you are a smoker, whichever way your social security may be configured, the BigGovernment still takes its chunk upon your death. Ten years less of money you earned and saved, which they are only so happy to spend instead of you, either all or part of it!

Think about that. Let that sink in. Is it any wonder they've been trying to suffocate vaping every sliver of chance they get.  

Big Government business in smoking is the envy of all money grabbers around this globe. They are sihponing money from smokers while they are alive and waiting for them to die so they can have a big payday at your expense.

They win when Big Tobacco wins. When Big Tobacco loses, they win again.

The only substantial way they lose money is smokers turning into vapers. And it's precisely for this reason that they have been spreading misinformation on vaping effects on health.

However, you can not fool all of the people all of the time. The more studies confirming otherwise, the less it will be possible for them to continue scaremongering. So, this is the point at which they are kicking and screaming. 

Whenever the big government kicks and screams, it means only one thing - turning the ban machine on. We are sad to witness vaping already banned in Australia, and now in Singapore. It's almost unbelievable if you forget one thing - smoking is such a source of revenue, not just for them, but also for their lackeys from publich health. And I haven't even mentioned Big Pharma yet. 

Big Pharma - Big Lie

electronic cigarette safety

From Chantix site on side effects:

Some people have had new or worse mental health problems, such as changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping CHANTIX. These symptoms happened more often in people who had a history of mental health problems. Stop taking CHANTIX and call your healthcare provider right away if you, your family, or caregiver notice any of these symptoms. 

Yeah, call your doctor. But what if the only doctor some people may use here is Dr.Scarpeta.

With their ineffective nicotine gums, their series of Chantix crap with serious side effects, the expensive cancer treatments, they stand to lose quite a few customers to vaping. Five years ago they lost my money on Nicorette forever.

So, here's another powerful behemoth that doesn't really want you to stop smoking, despite all gums, patches and losenages they've been peddling. Those were not meant to make you quit in the first place, no matter what they say in their vapid advertising (sanitized from humour contamination, no traces detected). Why would they create something that would leave them without customers?

It's not the only thing they are selling without real intention to cure you either. What they need is to make you feel better a bit, just enough you keep coming back for more. What you need is not their business. 

Public Health Posers

This is an umbrella term I use for that half clueless half selfish bunch, either on the Government tit or funded by any of the forces mentioned above. These are professionally concerned groups that always seem to pop up in droves whenever anyone of the Big Three needs a new law or a new amendment. There's usually a lot of screaming about our kids and our youth

They are profusely helped by terminally concerned , ie some from science field who are so ideologically blindfolded that it inevitably affects the results of their so called "studies" and "research". Luckily, science is still a realm of hard evidence and impartiality. So, here's the proper reply from the same community to which I have nothing to add. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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