Abstinence Only Fanatics

As a non-scientist, I know there are things I'm unable to assess. Like it or not, it's true for most of us. We can only choose who to trust.  For me the right choice are experts with at least a decade of practical experience in the field. These people have had a large number of similar cases in front of them, plus enough knowledge on the field's theory and history to establish accurate typologies and make the right conclusions.

This is Brad Rodu, Professor of Medicine, Endowed Chair of Tobacco Harm Reduction Research, University of Louisville. 

And now for something completely different:) 

Victoria's Secret

No, not that one. But you can still see a huge pair of wings from afar.

This is an example of a relatively mild abstinence only folly. I mean, unlike many abstinence only fanatics, this Victoria would at least give us a book. (Or even a seminar.)

Like millions of others, I (a committed lover of cigarettes, a smoker since the age of 12, a 60-a-day girl who wouldn’t sleep in a no-smoking house or hotel) stopped, quickly and painlessly, almost overnight, with Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

Here we are. She was 3PAD smoker, Carr was 5.  They obviously poisoned themselves to such a level where they litterally had to quit or die. Book or no book, many do quit in moments like these.

So, it worked for her. Fine. 

But majority of smokers never smoked that much. Some are like me, around PAD and never even coughed because of cigarettes, but had been trying to quit repeatedly, just knowing tobacco would take its toll eventually. They may even have had some successful months here and there but never really made it. So they stopped quitting. They gave up hope.

Perhaps it is exactly vaping that may help them, not the blabbering  about "truth that will set you free". Though I agree vape stuff shouldn't be on prescription, for more than one reason that goes beyond this article, the problem here is Victoria Coren is  trying to scare people away from vaping with mights and maybes.  

As a vaper, vaping advocate and affiliate, even I would never say vaping is the only way to quit. Because it obviously isn't. We're all different, but some seem to forget that plain and simple truth, repeated so many times that the birds are singing it now. 

Also, I wouldn't put Allan Carr's book together on the same shady shelf with Byrne's The Secret -  Carr's book actually did help some people. 

It's obviously Victoria's secret too, and she wants NHS to popularize it. Now  google "quit smoking" and Allen Carr's book is on the first page. The Allen Carr website states they have: “… sold over 10 million stop smoking books in 57 countries in more than 38 languages".

That book is not a secret, dear Victoria.

Neither is it the secret. When googling its success rate, I stumbled upon seminars. Obviously, assuming Carr's motives were honest, which I'm ready to do, the book itself hasn't really done much for majority of smokers who read it, myself among them. I mean, if it has, why would there be seminars?  Better than @nicorette most probably, safer than Chantix for sure, but is it really what will help the majority?

As for the  seminar the reported success rates vary, from 90% on Carr's site to around 40% or even 26% you can find in various studies. However, they usually measure it after 12 months. I once was cigarette free for 20 months and then relapsed. Go figure.

Public Health England has called for e-cigarettes to be made available on the NHS. This makes me so angry that I want to have a fag, although the last one I had was on 27 September 2014.

Even when angry, I don't have that wish although the last one I had was in August 2012.  Guess why.

Actually, I did have two or three more puffs of cig twice or so over these last 5 years, only to check if I was going to relapse again, like I'd used to do. I didn't. Guess why.

That Horror of Passive Smoking

Anyway, if you want to read about Allen Carr, your time will be better spent with this article A Crusader to his last breath. At least it's fun.

However, even this well written, intelligent and funny article couldn't go without exaggerating the risks of passive smoking, by contemplating whether it was the thing that finally killed Carr.

Come on. The guy used to smoke 5 packs a day, for heaven's sake! I met only one such smoker, an army officer. He would have been handsome if his face hadn't had almost the same gray nuance as his uniform.

Dual Use Is The Worst

Or is it? 

There's this quit or die mentality, this quest for perfection that wants to kill everything not good enough. As long as others are concerned, of course, not the sanctimonious self. It rears its ugly head every once in a while telling you that you haven't tried hard enough and your results would be laughable if they weren't already bogus. 

This is the same mentality that publishes scary  computations on smoking unicorns - those who supposedly smoke 1 cigarette daily. Have you ever met one? 

Also it's the same philosophy that tells us e-cigarettes are bad, because people are smoking and vaping at the same time. While I have an uncle who says I saved him with e-cigar. 

So, who should I believe - you or my own lying eyes and ears? 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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