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It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything about good old mouth to lung e-liquid, although we in the house only vape exactly that. So, EcigaretteDirect’s offer to review by Vapemate series fits the bill perfectly.

EcigaretteDirect carries 2 Vapemate e-liquid series -  Origins and Classic and they kindly sent me six flavours to review: Menthol from both lines, Caramel, VM Tobacco, Virginia and RY4. Wishing to remind myself of my own beginnings, I asked for 18mg nic. 

Vapemate Classic 


Vapemate Classic series has a rather large selection of 20 flavours in two nic strengths - 1.2 and 1.8 %. It’s fifty-fifty VG and PG and you’ll find anything from various tobacco blends,  nice selection of fruit, coffee and menthol, whether pure or combined with other flavour.

All come in 10ml bottles of which we got four: RY4 Tobacco, Caramel, Menthol and VM Tobacco. 

VM Tobacco

This is one of those transitional flavours that may be a proper choice for heavy smokers of strong and sharp tobacco – not "girly" at all. With an air of dryness,  it strongly reminds me of my grandfather’s cigarettes.

Unlike menthol flavours reviewed here, most of Vapemate Tobacco taste is felt on the exhale. The inhale is rather smooth and neutral. Although not my cup of tea, this can be a great and maybe one of the few good choices for someone looking to break his decades long habit of smoking strong cigarettes.


IF VM Tobacco is what I call a transitional flavour from smoker to vaper, this one is suitable for another kind of transition – from enthusiastic beginner who’s not going back to cigarettes to the one all ready to explore the rich world of vaping. Yet, although in my seventh year of vaping I still love the combination of tobacco with caramel, vanilla and chocolate. If you feel the same, then what’s not to love here.

Having said all this, Vapemate’s RY4 gives you still more tobacco than anything else. It is less sharp and bitter than VM liquid reviewed before cause the other ingredients still felt to some degree make it more mellow. However these aren’t really discernible. I’m not saying it’s good or bad in itself – it’s a metter of personal preference anyway - that’s just what it is. Still a solid vapeable liquid and I like it enough.


Finally, last in Vapemate Classic line is Caramel with its rich dark orange- brown colour. It has a  certain light subdued sweetness. I’ve tasted sweeter caramel liquids, that's for sure.  This one doesn’t win you instantly, but as you’re vaping on, it slowly grows on you until you begin to enjoy it.

More PG for Smooth Transition

Vapemate Origins relies on PG and this is what some of us have been waiting for. The description says they’re intended for the “new vaper”, however the name Origins itself winks at us old ones and says I’m back. The series includes 10 flavours in the same nic strengths of 1,2 and 1,8% (or 12 and 18mg if you will)

Unlike many, I prefer PG in my liquids. It brings back tobacco sharpness to our palates. And mind you, not all of us are looking for fruity, flowery and mellow from our vape. Give me my cigarettes back even if they aren’t laced with tar and CO, especially then! 

Origins Menthol – a bit sharp and bitter, more tobacco hint  in it, probably because of this high PG content.

On the other side, in the Classic collection we’ve got a very refreshing  menthol flavour  with the highest amount of cooling effect I’ve ever tried. This hits you in the lung the moment you draw it   and instantly became my favourite of the both series.

Virginia from Origins series is a standard e-liquid – 

nothing unexpected here, from its golden yellow colour to its mellow flavour with a hint of humidity that makes it recognizable.

All in all – solid e-liquid with a classic vaping touch. Find them on

Vapemate Origins

Vapemate Classic


Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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