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Vapor4Life has always got a handful of generous deals and discounts. Find out about their flagship kit that my family enjoyed and has only the best to say about. Now you can get improved version of this one or any other product sitewide for much less.

 Go to their page and find deals Vapor4life (non affiliate link)

Central Vapors

Based in Texas,  present all over US online. I haven't had opportunity to try their eliquids, but based on the reviews I can read around, there are some really great deals. So here are a couple of coupon codes and links to specific products that might interest you. 


Endeavor kit below with its two batteries and two Evod clearomizers is a steal at some 35$ price tag. Here is the review

Challenger Kit is the name of former Extreme Kit (see review). It's two cigalikes (or slims as they say today). Battery is surprisingly long lasting, although it's only 280mAh.

Apollo Endeavor Kit
Apollo Neo Endeavor Kit for sub-ohm vaping
Apollo Challenger Kit - former Extreme Kit, cigalike or so called slims, refillable with your own e-liquid
Apollo e-cigar, see below for my review

All four of these are super favorable and suitable for beginning vaper, except Neo Endeavor Kit which is for sub-ohm vaping.  Apollo e-cigar (see review) can also be quite a pleasant experience for veteran vapers as well. 

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