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Smoker's Angel a.k.a. Ecigarettedirect has recently upgraded their UK made e-liquid collection.

Now they've got  a dozen premium e-liquids there, all controlled by reliable and approved labs, so it's time we give them a separate review which is going to get updated as we sample more of their e-liquids in the following months (and years).

This e-liquid consists of a base of 70% propylene glycol (PG) and 20% vegetable glycerine (VG), the rest is nicotine and de-ionised water, with the addition of food grade flavourings. They use pharmaceutical grade nicotine from a top UK supplier. 

Good news is that their nic level ranges from 0 to 24mg (for some, like Gower Power, it goes to 36mg). This is important both for heavier smokers among you and those who'd like to add some VG in the mix.

EcigaretteDirect kits, eGo and cigalikes plus e-liquid

Many of you might find 36mg too strong (we have!), however there are those who smoke 2 or more packs of strong cigarettes and who might find only that level satisfactory. Another thing to consider: if found in a situation where you can't really vape as much as you would love to, a couple of stealth vapes on this killer here and there might save your day, even if it feels too strong.

UK made e-liquid - tobacco and pretty neutral section

Their flagship e-liquid, Gower Power, is sold only in 36 mg. A very pleasant surprise for the heaviest of smokers. Sharp and no colour at all, pretty neutral tobacco taste. We tried it, frankly - not more than a couple of vapes in its original form, and found out it may be just fine for those with biggest nicotine cravings. Using it diluted with VG, we can't really say much about its original flavour -  it's up for you to decide how you're going to use it. 

American Red

Apart from their imported version (reveiwed in Smoker's Angel imported e-liquids - we very much liked it), there's a UK made e-liquid variant of this one and it's a bit different but also enjoyable. You'll love it if you smoke Marlboro or similar cigarette. This one is also sold in nic range 0-36mg.


For those who are new to this, RY4 is a mixture of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. Different manufacturers seem to put different emphasis on each of its  main ingredients. Here the light emphasis is on tobacco - other two keep it a a mellow and generally pleasant company.

Unlike Highbrow Vapor's RY4 (link to our review), also the good one but a bit harsh and aimed to please one vapers' segment rather than all of them, Smoker's Angel RY4 is more mainstream.  I'm sure many will appreciate it, especially as a nice transition from tobacco to other flavours. We certainly enjoyed it.

Gower Power, UK e-liquid reviews

UK made e-liquid - strong and pronounced section 

Caramel – a very vapeable e-liquid, but I've tried better. It seems to me that Caramel doesn't go as well with PG as it does with VG. (I tried Virgin Vapor's 100% VG Caramel Creme and there can't be many e-liquids around the world better than that one. Next time I ordered their 50-50 PG-VG Caramel Creme and it wasn't as perfect as the first one .) Now with this 100% PG Caramel, the first thing I did was to dilute it with a bit of VG to see how it will turn out. It worked out just fine. (UPDATE: Ecigarettedirect changed their e-liquid by adding some VG - 20%. I haven't sampled this new Caramel, so perhaps it comes closer to nicer caramels we've had.)

Bubblegum was a pleasant surprise. When I was told by Smoker's Angel  that they'd send me Bubble Gum to try out, my first thought was OK, two twenty-somethings in the house would be glad to try it out. Me - I don't think so.  Well, I was wrong about me. This is a pleasant, refreshing, pretty authentic flavor, much on a strong side but it works. Good to be mixed with tobacco flavours.

Being a lover of strong and scented sweet flavours, I liked my first shipment of Mango. If you loved Pineapple-Coconut-Rum, you'll love Mango, I'm sure. If you weren't bothered by the intensity of Bubblegum either, you'll appreciate this one as well. It's great either alone or in combination with some more neutral tobacco e-liquid.

Not everyone in the house shared my enthusiasm about Bubble Gum and Mango.

On the other hand, there's one e-liquid that we all enjoy - Banofee Pie. A beautiful smell and a creamy, very tasty aroma, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I've never really tried Banofee pie, you see. Still there are similar cakes in my neck of woods so it instantly reminded me of one I'd sowewhere tasted and liked very much. Of course, after some googling the mystery of both name and ingredients was solved.

Now I put some conscious effort into analyzing its ingredients, the dominant note is shared between banana and cream. And if you like this combination even half as much as we did, you'll reorder. This combination is softly sweetened with a caramel undertone. Very likeable stuff, not nearly as intense as e-liquids described above.

Banana - not very fond of this one. Somehow I don't expect too sweet and too intensive flavour when it comes to bananas. Truth be told, this one seems to be from the old stock, since it's 100% PG. And like already stated, there are flavors that simply don't go too well with all propylene glycol e-liquid. A bit of VG will surely go a long way here.

Blueberry - nice, mild and a little bit creamy. Enjoyed this one, although I can't say that it is as good as Banoffee Pie. 

Cherry Blakewell - I don't know what that is but it has an intensive harsh, even - biting, taste that is not really pleasant in my book. The one I liked the least from all the above e-liquids. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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