The Smoker's Halo Kit

This kit used to be on the sale with a FREE Mini Kit while the stocks last. I made a purchase  and tested it for nine days and here's the review.

This kit is now sold as Halo Cigalike Bundle

It contains two 180mAh batteries and USB charger plus a pack of 5 prefilled cartomizers. You can choose between tobacco and menthol, there are no other flavors. Strengths are 0-6-12-18mg nicotine.

If you want to check it out, click the picture to go to Ecigarettedirect. If you want to know more about our experience with it, read this review.

What You Get

The Smoker's Halo Kit and Free Mini Kit - old offer

The Smoker's Halo Kit

  • 2 batteries 
  • 10 standard size cartomisers ("cartridges")
  • 1 USB charger

FREE Mini Kit

  • 1 battery 
  • 2 large cartomisers
  • 1 USB charger

Cartomizers are five 12mg nicotine and another five 18mg nicotine, tobacco flavour. This is a very nice touch for a starter kit. Most smokers have no idea what nic strength to use when buying their first starter kit. These two nicotine levels are most commonly used by smokers on their transition to vaping. I haven't seen any other company have this simple yet smart solution.

All items in the kits came packed in little plastic bags. In the meantime, we unpacked and vaped it all. 


I ordered and normally paid for Smoker's Halo Kit like any other customer. This package arrived pretty fast, even though it was an international order. UK customers also confirm fast delivery. Plus the online ordering process was smooth and totally hassle-free.


Nine mm batteries last for 4 hours of rather intensive vaping. USB charger works perfectly. This is to remind the forgetful likes of me - litium-ion batteries should be left to get charged for four hours minimum. You can leave them overnight, no harm done. Normally these batteries take 2,5 hours to get charged.


The 18mg and 12mg nicotine cartomisers from the Smoker's Halo Kit were very good. Standard cartomiser provides 6-7hrs of rather intensive vaping, giant cartomiser - about 9-10hrs. Having tested more cigalike kits, I can say that these results are near the very top.

The only downside I can think of is that someone might find them too big. However, that's a standard size of slim e-cigs, there are only a few smaller than that on the market. And they surely have less capacity. It's best to let you be the judge for yourself, so here's the picture of regular cigarette, Halo battery with standard and with large cartomiser.

Smoker's Halo Kit and Free Mini Kit - compare normal size tobacco cig with Smoker's Halo e-cig + standard cartomizer and the same e-cig with large cartomizer

Comparison - tobacco cig, mini cig Smoker's Angel with standard and with large cartomiser, natural size

Tobacco flavour is full, with a nice, light vanilla touch which doesn't stand in the way of solid throat hit. On the contrary, this flavour is excellent and I hope that e-liquid they sell with their ego-style cig is the same.

Update: my second shipment of this Kit - we purchased it repeatedly for friends and family - didn't have that vanilla touch, it was only tobacco instead. They at Smoker's Angel probably decided it would be better to offer pure tobacco flavour to new vapers. That makes sense, although I prefer the first variant. 

Menthol flavour cartomizers are offered separately (not included in this kit).

Second update: this kit is now being sold in either tobacco or menthol flavor. However, there are more flavor cartomizers that you can separately purchase at ECDirect. They are reviewed here. Halo Refills


Basically, The Smoker's Halo Kit (now Halo Cigalike Bundle) is a ideal for anyone who needs to make a switch. It delivers in terms of making tobacco cigarettes a turn-off after vaping this e-cig for several days. It produces respectable amount of vapour and I believe all those testimonials on their site are genuine.

What I find hard to believe, though, are the claims that standard cartomiser replaces 30 cigarettes. It doesn't . Make it 15 and you'll be right. Fifteen is still a very good performance for a cartomiser of that size and price. Taking into account that tobacco cigarettes in UK cost an arm and a leg, this is still considerable savings and enough for everybody to be happy with it. 

Smoker's Halo e-cigarette is compatible with NJOY NPRO and other RN 4081 e-cigarettes.

Below you will find Pros and Cons of this purchase.


  • excellent tobacco flavour
  • solid throat hit 
  • respectable amount of vapour
  • fast shipping
  • smooth ordering process
  • as for the variety included – probably the best offer in the market for this price range. You get 3 batteries, 12 cartomisers and 2 USB chargers! 
  • You can compare 12mg and 18mg and see which one fits you better, or look for other nic levels (they have 24mg cartomisers to order, too). I find this feature of a kit great and much more important for any starting vaper than flavours. Newbie vapers are more interested in nicotine strengths. Flavours may come later.
  • You have warranty for the batteries while you remain their customer. They'll replace the broken ones with no fuss


  • Unlike the claim made on their page, the standard cartomiser is not equivalent to 30 cigarettes. At least not for us who are more addicted to nicotine than to the ritual of smoking itself.

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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