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A word of warning for you   

Also an answer to your perfectly legit question why you should even read our stuff, let alone act upon our advice 

What we most promote is exactly what's been used in our house since August 2012. It means, we are paying customers of these companies. We might have got a free kit or two to write a review, but that's all.   

2.       We quit cigarettes using these very products. Of course, that's not what Big Tobacco, FDA, MHRA, WHO and others would have us say, but why hide the truth from you. With electronic cigarettes you've got a pretty good chance to quit altogether. Now, we do not and can not guarantee that you'll quit with it, but we know a hefty bunch of folks who did. 


Even if you don't make it, replacing most of your tobacco with e-cig is a huge step forward, wouldn't you agree? Besides, this industry is making seven mile steps, so for those of you not having found your e-cigarette yet, don't give up on it. Try some new stuff - you might find exactly what you need.

3.       Promoting crap (let alone scams) to you while neglecting high quality products you can enjoy would go directly against our own interests, even the monetary ones. We are here to stay.

4.       Also, we believe in full transparency. No need to go against what you stand for when you promote what you firmly believe to be absolutely beneficial!

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5.       Ads on non-vaping sites you've been showered with and relentlessly followed all over the net –  just a bunch of  publishers  chasing pennies, also mostly clueless about what they have on their pages. That's precisely why you won't see such ads here. We simply don't want any random banners  to interfere with our experience and testing based advice to you

6.      Hobbyst places promoting mainly devices that look like you need a licence to carry for it - fine, we respect that, but we are not in love with what this product is, or how cool it may look to those around. We appreciate what this product does for people.

Smokers as a percentage of adult population from Wikipedia

7. We know what it's like to keep trying to quit and failing. It would be great to hear your story, too.

8. We want to spread the word, because of what e-cig has done for us. Apart from health benefits,  our savings is practically equal to an average  pension in our country.  

9.       Having done enough of this, we can advise you what, where and when to buy. So, read our reveiws. We tend to choose good stuff to write about but if something there isn't perfect, we say it too.

10.  Our partners, being great companies they are, think about their customers. Every now and then, whenever they have some cool deal for you - and boy do they have them! - they let us know. This can be anything, from generous 20% to whopping 100% and all that for really good stuff. We make sure you find out about it.

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