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I sincerely doubt this was just sensationalism mixed with ignorance and superficiality at work.

1. Any random non-smoker could differentiate between cigarette and cigar shaped size. Now if a reporter is doing his work, shouldn't he try to be a bit more and not less specific than any random non-smoker?

2. If this is clearly a mod made using the maglite tube, why is an ordinary collection of electronic cigarettes all over the screen for almost half of the entire news? I mean, the reporter was with fire department employees, is this the best he can come up with? Why didn't he mention the double battery?

Litium ion batteries are used not just for electronic cigarettes, think of cellphones, and laptop batteries, as Shawn eplains in his video. They can explode as well, when the pressure builds up too much. And it sometimes does, when there is no ventilng system to relieve it.

There have been attempts to demonize e-cig. C'mon folks, if there had ever been any hazard, some very powerful groups with money would have already come by 2005 or 2006 with the full report for the experts and flashlights for the rest. They don't want it on the market, but they have absolutely nothing on e-cigarette and this insidious smearing manipulation is is the best they can do.

There's one more important point here. Most smokers are pretty conservative in their habit, me included. So, when we make that transition to electronic cigarettes, we act according to our old patterns – more than 90 percent of us would take a reputable supplier wiht solid supply of reusables and accessories, favourable price, decent/high quality and that's it.

Do these really look like they are about to go KaBOOM? Of course not, I am not into "modding", I prefer manufacturers do all the "modding" for me.

We buy from such sources and don't mess with our purchase whatsoever. We may occasionally mix two or three e-liquids – all of them bought from reliable manufacturers and that is as far as most of us will be „experimenting“.

There is, though, a relatively low number of enthusiasts who make their own models. Normaly, these know well what they are doing. Only once in a while you can hear that somebody got injured. When that happens, you can bet it is simply someone who didn't do his homework. No matter how sorry we might feel for him, that's what happened.

Which makes the sleezy manipulation by AP even sleezier. They are using a misfortune of one man to smear a great product and all that to please their rich masters. 

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Written by Ljubica, @Switchtoecig, ex teacher, translator, passionate reader, ex smoker and now vaper, e-cig reviewer and vaping advocate.

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